Sunrise – A New Bradford Curry Experience

After a day watching the Bradford Rugby and Football Teams come a cropper, Ricky was back his his normal self, he had Lunchtime Curry on his mind. The Sunrise Restaurant (6 New Otley Rd, Bradford, BD8 0RP) is a Buffet Venue which is popular with the Asian Community. Ricky had described a limited range of dishes on offer but was convinced I would find something to excite the palate. Ricky drove towards the East End of the City and we found a space in the car park. People were arriving for a Wedding in the main Function Suite adjacent to the Restaurant.

We were allocated Table 2, four Diners were already in situ. We had timed our arrival to perfection as some of the dishes were still being put out.

The Bill

£7.50. Ricky was shocked, it was £6.00 on his previous visit. We would be limited to Ninety Minutes of eating it said on the flag on the table. Who can eat that much?

The Buffet

Onion and Potato Pakora said the sign, very specific. I took a single large piece, one Samosa and two Lamb Seekh Kebabs. The Salads and Dips were across the room. I am convinced the Pakora had more than a hint of Cinnamon, interesting. The tactic was not to fill up with Starters.

I ignored Lamb Pilau, Chicken Biryani and a Chicken Curry and concentrated on three potentially satisfying dishes. The Handi Gosht had copious pieces of Mutton swimming in a classic 1960s Masala, Oily and Red. By sieving one was able to avoid excessive Masala and leave behind the bones. Yes, this was Lamb on-the-bone. A Mixed Vegetable Handi would provide the Interesting Vegetable, I took Cauliflower and Potato. The final selection had me salivate further in anticipation. Here was a tureen of Curried Chana Daal, the very dish I had enjoyed so much in Europe this summer and had never seen in any Glasgow Curry Café. It may be on the menu in some restaurants but is it dark and brown with a hint of yoghurt? Having eaten enough Chapattis for one weekend I took a small spoon of Rice from a tureen labelled Zarda.

Spot The Cherry!

The Lamb was as tender as Lamb can be, the taste of the Lamb was to the fore, excellent. The Masala was in the classic style, a good old fashioned Curry. I was impressed. The Vegetable Handi had more of a kick than the Meat, the combination worked well.

The Chana Daal was exactly as I had hoped for. I could not eat this Dry, Bitter-Sweet flavoured dish as a Main Course but then I am in early days. The Rice had a sweetness, I then spotted Glacé Cherries. The Rice with the Chana Daal worked well together. We then realised that Zarda on the right of the array was in with the Desserts, I had the Pudding Rice dish. What me worry? It worked.

Ricky tried everything, I was happy to top up the plate with more of the same. Enough already.

Dessert #2

Ricky appeared with a plate of something Orange, it was the Gajar Ka Halwa, a Carrot based Dessert. He had hoped it would be on offer. I had to try it, Hector eat Dessert and it isn’t Kofta Palak? The term Halwa is so similar to Arabic Halva, I cannot stand Halva.

Gajar Ka Halwa served warm is like a Carrot Sponge Cake, it was sweet but truly brilliant. What is happening? Starters and Dessert, Dessert? I believe Marg and Tracey could come and eat this Carrot Creation and get their full £7.50’s worth.

The Sunrise is simple food served well. I would definitely return here, but then for a £1 more one can have the best Bradford Curry possible at our regular haunts.

The Aftermath

The car park was in chaos. People were trying to get in, there was no space. People could not get out, we were those people. Still people wanted in, idiots.

The A65, even with the Sunday Drivers cruising at 40mph proved to be a more efficient route home than driving passed Bolton and Bury along the M62 and M621. I tend to drive back from Yorkshire via Settle, in future it will be my preferred route south.

England needs a Motorway that goes from the North-West in a South-Easterly direction – parallel to the Carlisle-Settle Railway?

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Gajar Halwa and Zarda? What next? I hope it is not chicken karahi?

    Hector replies: not **** likely!

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