Rasoi Indian Restaurant …of the year 2012…in Lenzie…

The afternoon began with Hector watching the Scottish Ladies playing an International Hockey Match in the company of Marg, their former Captain. Scotland won, pity I could not report this yesterday for the only Sport that counts… Readers may wonder why there are no photos of Charming Ladies playing Hockey, Hector did not have his SLR with him, keeping a low profile.

Thereafter we headed towards Twechar in search of a famous pub, it was not revealing itself. Instead we walked up the Bar Hill to the site of a Roman Fort and a section of the Antonine Wall. It was soon Curry O’clock. A Curry in Lenzie was calling. Lenzie, the town where Hector spent his formative years, how happy I was to move back to Glasgow.

The Rasoi Indian Restaurant (1 Millersneuk Shopping Centre, Lenzie, G66 5JD) has the distinction of being nominated for and winning two categories at this year’s Scottish Curry Awards. Hector was nominated in the Curry Lover of the Year category, there should have been a Steward’s Enquiry…

The Best Indian Restaurant in Scotland 2012, we shall see.

Arriving at 18.00 there were three groups already in situ. We were shown to a table for two in what is a most impressive Restaurant in terms of layout and design. The premises are new, everything was spick and span, no tablecloths, thankfully.

The rear of the room has a glass wall allowing a view of a small garden area, pleasant. The Menu told of the origins of selling Pakora as a side in Carriages the adjacent pub. There was no pub in Lenzie whilst Hector was resident, and certainly no Curry House. The Menu also suggested that the Poppadoms Basket and Accompaniments would set us back over £4, when a waiter presented these we were in the dark as to whether these were Complementary or not. How many venues bring them and charge? Too many!

Marg spotted the Chicken Labadar – Spicy, with Butter, Coriander, Cream and Cashew Nuts. Is that Cashoooo, or Caaaashoo? A worthy choice in keeping with Marg’s preferences. Hector had a problem. The Karahi was described as being similar to the Balti but served with Green Peppers – ugh! The Balti was described as including Capsicum. I had to ask. Regular Readers know that Hector cannot abide this Mushy Green Vegetable in a Curry, Marg is getting that way too. The Waiter suggested that the Green Peppers might already be in the dish, he went away to check. I was getting ready to leave. The Menu was not over-long which is preferable to venues with endless tweaks of the same Pot, however there was nothing else I would consider eating. It was somewhat amusing to see a Menu section entitled Glasgow Curry. Here lay the usual fare.

Fortunately the Waiter returned and said they could do a Karahi without Green Peppers. I ensured that Tender Lamb was the recorded option, the Tikka version was available too. At least after Friday at the Delhi Darbar it was clear that both were on offer. Three Chapattis at £1.05 were to be the Accompaniments. Why do we have to pay for Chapattis? Oh, Bradford was last weekend.

The wait for the meals was not long. In fact we were given ours before a larger group in the corner. Another waiter brought the food and apologised for the delay, we assured him there was no perception of one. One tends to know what is coming if a Curry comes too soon.

The Curry was served in standard metal bowls but the contents were piled high, impressive. The Masala was Dark and Thick, Hector was now anticipating something worthwhile. Spooning some of the Lamb on to the impressively warmed plates, it was apparent that the Meat content was indeed going to be worthy of a meal. As the dish was £9.95 it was pleasing to see the content justify the price. Hector is always happy to pay more than the norm if a Good Feed is provided.

The Lamb was tender and in larger pieces than served in many places. Onion was the flavour that dominated the Masala. The Chapattis were made from a Brown Flour, different. Marg thought I was struggling, no just taking my time. I was enjoying this Feast, however I cannot state that it came anywhere near the Best Curry I have ever been served in Scotland.  The Curry-Heute Recommendations on the right of this page makes the sources of these very clear.

Marg had been defeated by this time and was ordering Coffee. What etiquette? The portion size was way more than Marg could ever hope to polish off. She found her dish to be a good change, it was Spicy, Sweet and Sour as she expected. The rest was declared fit for a Doggy Bag, and so Hector will be forced to add a Postscript – later.

The Bill

£30.40. Initially it was £28.70 but the Coffee had not made it on in time. The Poppadoms had been Complementary, another positive. £1.90 for a Pint of Soda Water is excessive.

The Aftermath

I had to mention that I was present on that infamous night at the Thistle Hotel. The Calling Card was received with grace.

Marg insists we bring the Mother back to Lenzie – the Hot Plates will a positive for her. Hector will be forced to try something else, the Lamb Rajasthani may well tempt me back.

Post Script

The Labadar turned out in my view to be a Deluxe Korma.  Add Ground Cashew Nuts and a bit more Chilli to my Korma Recipe et voila…

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  1. Howard Young says:

    The arguement has been won. We know its CaSHOOOOO!

  2. Archie says:

    I see the ‘new’ Village is almost ready for opening, according to the owner should be ready for the weekend.

    Hector replies:

    Cheers, Archie. I have just phoned them and their spokesman cannot give a precise day. Sometime this weekend… however, this weekend I have have other plans…

  3. Howard Young says:

    You look like Chic Murray in the first photograph!

    Hector replies – It must be The Bonnett…

    I set you up with the Cashew Nut reference…

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