The Village Curry House is Open – for Curry!

The Village Curry House (119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8BA – I shall have to get used to this alteration of address) has been through a lot in the past thirty months or so.  The temporary re-location dragged on, and on.  Every month that passed made one wonder if the project had become a White Elephant.  Five days ago, Archie – a Southside Curryspondent for Curry-Heute, informed Hector that the opening was imminent.  I telephoned and could only be told that it would be sometime over the weekend.

Hector has been without Curry for too many days.  The scheduled late arrival in Mainz on Friday night did not permit a Bier and a Curry.  It was a Friday night in Deutschland, Bier won.  The planned Sunday afternoon Curry in Frankfurt am Main was abandoned because DB were not operating at their customary level of efficiency.  It was the aftermath of The Weekend, The Village must be open by now…

I entered the New Build, gosh! this is an impressive construction.  This Website has shown many Blog Entries with the former Industrial Unit under redevelopment.  The windows were always whitewashed, the interior was not visible.  This conversion is certainly a major breakthrough in the Glasgow Curry Scene.  Hopefully the quality of the food would be at the expected standard.

I was shown to a table for two at the beginning of the new vast eating area.  There were about a dozen co-diners.  The Takeaway business remains steady; everything there is so new and shiny.  What an improvement!  The Head Waiter – he was not wearing the new Village Curry House shirt, recognised me.  This took me slightly aback.  This is my first Village Visit this year!  Given the frequency of my custom over the last six to seven years it was slightly embarrassing.

The Black, Silky New Menu was brought; I had to study it and asked for ten minutes to do so. The Village Curry House Page on my Recommended Curry House List now provides the detail.  A straightforward Lamb Lahori Kirahi was surely new.  No Laal Lahori!  The Spellings of dishes have changed also. The first three items on the Village Signature Dish section showed that finally the dishes are available by Weight as well as by Portion.  Yippee!  A Half-Kilo of Lamb Lahori Kirahi it was to be.  The Vegetable Rice at The Village has always been a standout and so for old time’s sake I ordered the Special Rice. For the record, Chapattis are 95p each, so the Bradford custom of inclusive Chapattis has yet to come North.  I was provided with Two Poppadoms and a serving of Onion Chutney, Complementary one assumed.

I was asked how Hot I wished my Curry.  Hotter than Medium was my reply.  Desi the Waiter remarked.  He returned a few moments later to inform me that my Half Kilo of Lamb would be on-the-bone.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the whole point of the Larger Sized Portion!  In a Standard Portion, by the time one deals with the Bones there is the realisation that not a lot of Food has been eaten.  A Half Kilo ensures total satisfaction.  There is always a Doggy-Bag – when did Hector last need a Doggy Bag?  I do not think this Curry Hound has ever resorted to this… for his own meal…

Master Baig acknowledged my presence, another familiar face.  One Chef has been a constant throughout my years at The Village; I have often speculated that he must be – Family.  Mr Baig, The Proprietor, was also on the new Premises, busy sorting whatever.

I had time to take in the new surroundings.  I had also been given permission to go on a Photo-Shoot once I had eaten.

A young waiter in the new Burgundy Shirt brought my Kirahi and Rice.  This was a new Metal Serving Bowl, never has so much Village Curry been set before The Hector – here we go.

The Yogurt content was very subtle.  The Masala was absolutely minimal.  The Oil gathering at the Base of the Bowl was within acceptable parameters – some of the Village Curry servings were becoming too Oily.   The Flavour was Classic Village with a bit of The Khyber added.  This was maybe down to the Fresh Green Chillies which had been liberally sprinkled over the Dish.

The Rice had an aroma of Clove, but not excessively so.  Peas and Mushrooms were the added Interesting Vegetables – a good combination.

The joy of the Half-Kilo is that when one gets to what would normally be the end, there is that bit more. The Tender Lamb was cooked to perfection – as one would expect at this establishment. I had some ten Bones left on my plate.  The appetite had been sated.  Mission accomplished.

The Bill

£19.45.  So the Poppadoms were Complementary.  This is some £6.00 above the normal Portion price, and worth it.

The Aftermath

The Waiter and Young Master Baig were happy to chat about the redevelopment.  I asked about the Blackboard – where the Daily Specials have featured.  Daily Specials will continue – it is early days yet.  The place only shifted back across the street four days ago and they had a Wedding two days ago.  Officially, The Village is not open – two more weeks and they will have a major Advertising campaign – on TV too!  The Young, ever so charming waitress, was appointed as my Guide and took me around the Premises.  The Stairs are impressive in their design.  I was taken into the Private Upper Room and banged my head on the way out – careful!  This is still to be fitted out. The Balcony will be different.  No Kids up here I was assured. How do I guarantee a regular seat? The entrance to the Toilets is also ornate.  They must be an infinite improvement on what was once provided.  It was only at the far end of the seemingly endless room that I realised that there was a new doorway from West St, their new address!  Mr Baig was still busy, however we exchanged a few words.  He must be a Happy Man to see this Project completed.  I had to ask about the Bellahouston In the Park outlet, he intends to keep it going too.

I suspect The Friends of Hector will all wish to partake in a Curry Ritual at the new premises of The Village Curry House –  I may well have to accompany them.

A Half-Kilo of Village Lamb Desi Korma, on-the-bone…

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  1. John Slack says:

    Laal Lahori on demand yesterday. Premises fairly empty, 30 mins wait, Polish Doris confused, nosebag good, car park Mugabe tried to order me off prem. as car was not in need of washing. Apparently “Cash” ( Baig Jnr I think) will have words with him. Fairly impressed.

    Hector replies:

    Good to hear the Laal Lahori still exists, as they claimed. But what happens when the staff change and nobody knows what it is? A major dish dropped from the New Menu.

    I too saw the car Park and thought it was now a Car Wash only, and so drove on.

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