Crawley – Desi Grill & Karahi House

Hector spotted this new Curry outlet on Thursday night as Maggie drove Clive and I back from a disappointing Curry-Heute in Horley. The Desi Grill and Karahi House (94 High Street, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 1BZ) is a title Hector had to notice, it ticks all the boxes. Somehow Clive and Maggie were unaware of its existence. After a day in Brighton, Clive and I arranged to meet Maggie off a train arriving back in Crawley around 21.00. It was Curry O’clock.

From the exterior one might think the venue to be a Takeaway only, but closer examination reveals a sizeable seating area to the rear. Then there is another surprise in store, The Shisha Lounge, a Smoking Room under Canvas out back. Not this would ever be of any interest to us.

This looks like another Crawley Winner!

The Menu had all the dishes one could hope for, but in particular there it was – Karela Gosht. Two Tandoori Roti (£1.00) would go down fine with that. Temptation was set before Hector, how little for the Lamb Chops? I must try this and Maggie thought the same. Clive asked for a Shami Kebab to Start, his favourite evidently. The Waiter declined to sell them, tonight they were not good enough to serve. Seekh Kebab was the fall-back.

When it came to ordering the Mains I did my best to communicate the request for a Dry and Thick Curry, this was recorded. Maggie asked for the Lahori Lamb Karahi. She was then asked if she wished it on-the-bone or off-the-bone. It had to be on!

Before Clive could order there was a momentary disruption

A Chap at the counter was overheard asking for Cheese on Chips. Throw him out – Maggie told the Waiter. It is ridiculous that people walk into a venue such as this and ask for such a feeble order. Punjabi Chicken Curry (off) was Clive’s order. The Lovely Couple would share Mushroom Rice and a Keema Nan.

The Waiter read back the order – and Cheesie Chips!

Complementary Poppadoms and Dips appeared.  A plate of Salad appeared.  We were being well looked after.

The Starters came and so did Maggie’s Main Course. Not yet please.

Clive described his Seekh Kebab as being Spiced to the perfect level – the tongue is still throbbing… The Lamb Chops Portion was Four Chops for £4.00. This is the best value I have encountered yet. The Chops were Burnt-looking, thoroughly cooked yet retained their moisture. The flavours were intense, as was the Spice content. I suspect this could become a Late-Night Nibble for Clive and Maggie in the times to come.

Maggie’s Main course appeared again, it looked very Pale, a very light brown. The Masala was Thick but not Dry, but in no way was this Soup. Maggie made ooh and aah sounds all the way through the eating, she was loving this. The Pile of Bones grew, Maggie remarked at easily the Meat came off the Bones. Maggie had been fed. Bloody marvellous, the best Curry of this weekend! (Maggie had a Stiry-Fry at the Downsman.)

The Karela Karahi was similarly Pale but Thicker due to the extra Vegetable. A Roti and a Nan – said the Waiter as he sat my Bread Basket before me. The Bitterness of the Karela prevented any sense of Sweetness from the Masala. The combination of the very Tender Lamb and Karela was just how I liked it, well it was until the Lamb ran out.

Clive described his Punjabi Chicken Karahi as being Excellent, which is officially better than Very Nice.  Clive too was heard making the occasional Ooh as he ate.

The Waiter appeared with a Complementary Garlic Nan. He had worked out that if I was photographing everything there must be a reason. I gave him the Calling Card, he looked interested. The Garlic Nan was covered in Slivers of Garlic, this was the best of the Breads set before us. No Keema was harmed in the creation of Clive’s Nan.

We agreed that we had been treated to three great Portions of Curry.

The Bill

£42.09. With three Starters this was very good value.

The Aftermath

The Waiter offered us a Complementary Rice Dessert. We had to decline, the Appetites had been sated.

We were told that they have only been open for a month. The place should do well. They were interested in our comments on the food. I remarked that I had ended up with Karela only but this was down making sure the dish was served with a Thick Masala. Maggie suggested the Mushroom Rice could have had more Mushrooms. Everyone was happy to pose for photographs as we left. The Main Chef was presented especially. I congratulate him on the food he serves.

I wonder where Clive and Maggie will have their Curry tomorrow?


It didn’t last, too good to be true.



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