Asmaan Indian Restaurant – What a Rediscovery!

This was an Extraordinary Day, Hector found himself late afternoon looking for a Glasgow City Centre Curry House. There had been a rendezvous with Jonathan and we agreed to try a venue which has been ignored for many, many years. Hector last set foot in the premises occupied by the Asmaan Indian Restaurant (22 Bath St., Glasgow, G2 1HB) when it was The Bay of Bengal back in the 1970s when there were far fewer outlets and this frequently jam-packed place was referred to as The Great Industrial Curry House of The North.

Incredibly, the Asmaan has been the brand since the mid 1980s. How often does one walk past? It is metres from the Concert Hall and Buchanan Galleries, a perfect Location for Lunch, Pre-Theatre, or simply a Curry-Heute!

The Menu was not over-complicated, what there was proved to be more than sufficient. The strangely spelled Zaik-E-Dar ticked all of the required boxes. Described as being a Bhuna with Fenugreek (Methi), Coriander and Mushrooms, what more could I require? I asked the Waiter for it to be served as Dry as the Chef could manage. Jonathan selected the Pardesi described as containing Spinach, Mushrooms and Fried Onions. The request for a Dry Curry was repeated. Four Chapattis (£1.00) would be shared.

There were three Fellow Diners who were clearly regulars given the conversation which included the Waiter – Jaydee – from time to time. During the wait we could see a Mature Turban-clad Chef working away in the Kitchen. The surroundings were bright, thankfully no Table-cloths. We sat on Bucket Seats, a Novelty.

The Waiter brought the dishes, they looked the part, the Thick Masala on both dishes was evident. Jonathan had Mushrooms piled high on top of his Pardesi. My first impression of the quantity was that the serving might be on the small side. The richness of what was set before us removed any further thoughts of this. The flavours simply burst out of the Zaik-E-Dar, well they would with Methi and Coriander, it was off to a good start. The Onion Slices complemented the dish further, this was an amusing moment.

Across the table Jonathan was having a similar experience. He even mopped up the last of the Masala with his Chapattis, something he rarely does.

 How many Bland Curry Houses are there in the Centre of Glasgow, this place has been overlooked for too long. If one does not have the time to get along to the Charing Cross area then this has to be considered. Open every day, then all day at Noon, the opportunity to visit at any time of day is there. There is a dearth of venues in Glasgow selling Curry on a Sunday afternoon.

The Bill

£24.90. This included two Bottles of Sparkling Water.

The Aftermath

There was a momentary struggle with the Card Machine. This gave us more time to chat with the Waiter. We introduced ourselves, Jaydee was pleased to exchange Calling Cards. The irony of the now decades this venue has operated and been ignored was admitted. Hector will be popping in here again – soon.

Unbeknown to Hector, I had just paid twice.

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  1. Neil says:

    Been there more recently than the “Great Industrial” days, but still a couple of years ago (handy for Queen Street). It was good. Maybe it’s always been good.

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