Rasoi Indian Kitchen

The Barrel of Vierzehnheiligen Silberbock was empty, it was time for Curry-Heute. The Chaps permitted the Hector to select the venue.

The Rasoi Indian Kitchen (120 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6NY) tends to be closed mid afternoon when I seek Curry, however I was confident that they had to open late Saturday afternoon. Six of nine took their seats at the far end of the room, two further Diners were finishing off nearer the door.

Dr. Rick, Dr. Stan and Mr. Boyd all took the Tiffon Route – three palate titivating selections presented in the classic Tower of Aluminium Tins and served with Rice. Dr. Stan and Mr. Boyd had the Desi Tiffon whilst Dr. Rick opted for the more elegant Old Favourite Tiffon. The Desi version was comprised of Chicken Desi on-the-bone, Lamb and Pindi, plus mas de Daal… what? The Posh version was South Indian Chilli Chicken, Chicken Korma and Lamb Bhoona.

Howard and Hector were of similar minds, is this our first Curry together since Deutschland? The Tender Lamb Pardesi was described as rich in Onions, Mushrooms, and Spinach with a hint of Garlic and Ginger. I asked for it as Dry as they could make it and two Roti (95p) as the Accompaniments. Howard asked for the Standard Version and expanded the order to include Mushroom Fried Rice, a Keema Nan and somebody ordered Pakora. Meanwhile Tracey would nibble on Tandoori Ribs.

Complementary Poppadoms and Bowls of Onion Chutney were set before us – gone in an instant.

The Pakora portion was not huge, however it was soon passed around the table – this had to be sampled. This was seriously Fresh Vegetable Pakora, the Potato was still on the edge of soft – wonderful. Tracey enjoyed her Ribs so much, she ordered more!

A Suitable Adjunct to Our Takeaway

Tracey described the Ribs as very fresh, not reheated as is the norm. Two portions proved to be too much and so the Doggy Bag was commenced.

The Pardesi were brought – this is the Dry one said the Waiter who presented virtually two identical dishes. Howard described his version as again very fresh, an excellent Curry, and voiced an appreciation of the Tender Lamb. Tracey had summed the dish up before I managed my first Dip with the Roti – it needs Salt! It also needed a bigger Kick. The Pardesi was most enjoyable, tweaked to the Hector style and who knows this could have been outstanding. Next time I shall ask.

The Three Tiffons

To bring the Traditional Takeaway Tins to the Table may have some merit in authenticity, but really, what is the point? The contents of each Tin was a Tapas-sized portion. The Chaps got tore in, there was nothing left at the end. Dr. Rick stated that there was – an amazing blend of flavours with a great range of Spices. The Lamb was succulent, the Masala in the Bhoona was Hot. I had a sample, it was seriously Spicy with a strong Achari flavour. A full portion of this would certainly be worth a try. Dr. Rick washed his meal down with a Salt Lassi, now how is one person expected to put away a full glass of this stuff?

Dr. Stan described the Desi Tiffon as – interesting, with curious different flavours, the Daal has gone. Indeed the Daal took me back to the superb Chana Daal (?) served up this summer in Europe. I have yet to track this down in Glasgow.

Mr. Boyd, The Orator, was as verbose as ever – fine, I agree with Dr. Stan and disagree with Holden, who is not here anyway.

Dr. Stan was able to reassemble the Tiffon Tins, well this wasn’t Rocket Science…

The Bill

£84.40. Pitched at the Cafe end of the Market, and thankfully not a tablecloth in sight (correction below), this was a fair price.  The Calling Card was accepted in good humour.  A very favourable review was promised.  The Rasoi Indian Kitchen is certainly worth a visit.

The Aftermath

A trip on the Subway to Inn Deep. Great Bier, pity about the Noise the DJ thought was interesting


Tracey spotted a plethora of tablecloths in the photos, Howard may have spotted this tablecloth too…

Final Update

This Restaurant changed hands in May 2013, it is now under new Management/Ownership as is renamed the Indian Cottage.  Perhaps the laundry bill was uneconomic?

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    (shhhhh…. i see tablecloths in the foties.)

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