A Yadgar Feast for Hector

Hector prefers not to cook for one, so with Marg away pro tem, a Yadgar (148 Calder St., Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) visit felt overdue. I have not eaten here since the enjoyable evening late in August spent with Ahmed from Islamabad and Shkoor, Mein Host.

The Curry order was placed last evening giving twenty four hours notice.

The Goshat Karahi had to be the dish of the day. If the wonderful Vegetable Curry that Mr. Anwar Sr. introduced me to some time back was available, then I must have this as a Side. Shkoor replied quickly enquiring if I wished my Lamb on or off-the-bone. If the Vegetable Curry is available then on, otherwise off – was the reply. This was a precise enough answer for Shkoor.

The Suspense

I entered the Calder Street Venue some fifteen minutes before the agreed 17.00, Naveed as ever acknowledge my arrival. Does this Chap take a day off? Naveed appeared from behind the counter shortly after I took my seat with a pair of Poppadoms, a Bowl of Onion Chutney and the recently improved Salad with Dips. The Yoghurt Dip was really creamy, the Salad was adorned with Black Olives and a couple of Fiery Green Chillies, not for the faint of heart. This Entrée is always On-the-House, it gives the Chef time to perfect the finishing touches to the wonderful food being prepared in the Kitchen. Having missed Lunch this did not last long.

The Main Course was brought along with the required two Chapattis. Behold the Mountain of Curry, this was not a single portion, it was nearer the Half Kilo, yet Yadgar do not normally serve the Half Kilo. The Vegetable Curry Side dish was then presented, I felt as if I was about to embark on a Feeding Frenzy, Three Curry Portions in effect.

The Lamb was on-the-bone, for once I was hoping to find one, or two bones. The Lamb was as tender as Lamb in a Curry should be, and even allowing for the Spices, still tasted – of Lamb! The Masala was Dry and Thick, precisely the way I enjoy it. The distinctive Yagdar Flavours to the fore. Young Ahmed then brought out the Side of Vegetable Curry. Now Hector could never become a Vegetarian, however this dish defies description – I shall try – Potato forms the bulk with Peas and Carrots as back-ups. The Kick is intense, the flavours even more-so, a slight Sweetness is evident. One could pick this out as a Yadgar Curry blindfolded.  The Sprinklings of Fresh Coriander are another source of flavour. If there is a better Vegetable Curry anywhere, then someone please advise.

One Chapatti (of this size) would have been enough, but then I did not know exactly what I was on the receiving end of.

Whilst I indulged my senses, Mr Anwar Sr. departed and waved goodbye. Chef Arshad came out of the Kitchen also to take his bow. He asked how I was enjoying my meal and then informed me that the dish had been cooked especially for me. This will explain the sheer volume, perhaps Mr Arshad, like Hector, prefers not cooking for one.

The Bill

There was one, it was paid. The Bill did not equate to what I had consumed, soft drink too.

The Aftermath

There was a sprint across town to visit the recently opened Inn Deep at Kelvinbridge. If they maintain the quality and range of Ales – i.e. to our Special Tastes, then this place will certainly be a success in the way that Bruadar was not.

Shkoor contacted me later to enquire as to whether I had been looked after well enough at Yadgar. He knows full well that the Yadgar Curry – the Goshat Karahi in particular – consistently remains IMHO The Best Curry served in Glasgow.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    The sweetness is due to carrots. Peas and potatoes are bland.

    Hector replies:

    … but the dish is in no way bland…

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