Pitlochry – The Prince of India

Hector was let loose in Pitlochry for forty five minutes. There was a Curry House – The Prince of India (5-7, Station Rd, Pitlochry PH16 5AN), and most importantly, it was open!

The next challenge was to order and eat a Curry in the available time. Mein Host was up for the challenge. He brought the Lunchtime Menu and it took moments to dismiss this. The a la Carte was produced, hopefully the Chef was on the premises.

All the Lamb dishes said – Tikka. There were Meat dishes, the Balti was available in an array of styles. The Bhuna appeared closest to my norm. And so a Meat Bhuna Balti – as Dry as you can make it – with two Chapattis (£1.25) was the Impromptu Lunch. The Waiter returned a few moments later to confirm the request for – Dry.

I had taken my seat at the far left of the large room at the window where tables were set for two. Another Mature Gentlemen entered and took the corner seat behind me. He was a local and his order was placed with immediate dispatch.

The Meat Bhuna Balti appeared within ten minutes of placing the order. This was a Bhuna? I had been served with a very full Karahi of Meat, Onions and lots of Oil. The first Dip revealed a very Flavoursome Masala. The presence of the Onions had added the Sweetness that their abundance generates. The Oil had something interesting about it too. The Spices mixed in the Liquid gave the perfect Dip with the Chapattis. And so to the Meat.

The Meat had to be Beef. The pieces had been cut larger than the norm. Not only this, they were numerous. Having spooned a decent portion on to the plate initially, I was surprised at the solid content remaining. Yes there was a mass of Onion sitting on the base of the Karahi, but there was still Beef. It did not take too long to realise that I had been supplied with twice the volume of Meat that the Village portion was last evening.

I had swithered about whether a Curry-Heute was the way to go, by now I was in no doubt. This had been a pleasing experience.

The Bill

£14.40. With the included Sparkling Water, this was about £1.00 dearer than the average Glasgow Curry Price, however, the volume of food presented was remarkable.

The Aftermath

The paying of The Bill had been put on hold. A bus load of Asians had stopped in the Station Car Park. About a dozen came in, some asked for Coffee (I think), they had forty minutes, they left. The Waiter assured me that they are set up to cater for such moments. He took time to explain that all their Lamb dishes are Lamb Tikka, and all Meat dishes are Beef. A system!  The Calling Card was received with grace. A positive review was promised, this is it.

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