The Two Doctors and The Master Materialise at The Village

Doesn’t Everyone have a Masters?

Hector arrived at The Village (119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8BA) some twenty minutes before the scheduled rendezvous of 17.30. Two Poppadoms and the Onion Chutney were presented to keep me amused whilst I waited. This was the second visit to The Village this week, just like old times. Dr. Stan and Dr. Rick were both early too and more Poppadoms and Chutney were immediately brought to the table, a good welcome.

Mein Host was challenged by Dr. Stan and Hector ordering off-Menu. The Laal Lahori has disappeared from the Menu but I have been assured that it can still be ordered, I did so by the Half-Kilo and on-the-bone. Dr. Stan could well be the first person on the planet to order a Half-Kilo of Village Lamb Desi Korma off-the-bone, again not on the Menu. Dr. Rick considered the standard portion of Village Lamb Desi Korma on-the-bone to be sufficient. Four Chapattis and two Tandoori Roti were the Accompaniments. Dr. Rick also requested a Jug of Salt Lassi – a brave man.

Once again the Restaurant was filling up nicely. The number of people present already would simply not have fitted into the previous premises. One can only imagine what business will be like here when Tradeston is redeveloped.

The Joy of the Half-Kilo

Half a Kilo of Curry may sound excessive to some. Regular Readers will know of the sense of disappointment that has been reported over the years when the eating of a Village Curry comes to a conclusion. Dr. Stan and I have even ordered an extra portion on occasion to extend the pleasure. Given that Bones feature in the dish, this is a significant part of the portion served. I still don’t know why the Lamb on-the-bone costs more than the Boneless. The satisfaction comes from eating a Wonderful Curry and knowing that when one reaches the end of the standard portion there is still that bit extra to go. Without a Starter, the Half-Kilo is still within the Comfort Zone.

Laal Lahori no more?

The Curry came, Hector’s Curry was quite simply not a Village Laal Lahori. This dish had a significant Tomato Content and a Flavour that was unique to The Village. What I was given was the Lamb Karahi, a dish I would welcome in any Restaurant. Perhaps the Chefs have forgotten what the Laal Lahori was all about – in a month? Or, is it that the new hand-held technological device used by the Waiters to record the order is not capable of coping with Off-Menu?

The Curry presented was of course a worthy offering. The Flavours from the Rich, Thick Masala remain wondrous. The Lamb was soooo tender, there was no cause for complaint. The new Chapatti Baskets were once again provided. Dr. Rick and I had both ordered a pair. The Chapatti Basket kept the spare Chapatti warm, it was delightfully fresh when called upon. A great system, why has nowhere else introduced this? One knew exactly where the Standard Portion would end and the Overtime begin. The only thing better than eating Curry is eating More Curry.

Dr. Stan with his off-the-bone Desi Korma did have a Feast. He did consider the possibility of this being excessive but then having seen him eat Breakfast in dozens of Hotels around Europe, there was little chance of defeat. This dish is well known to us both, we have eaten this regularly in the years we have dined at The Village. The Flavours were reported to be in place, however Dr. Stan was disappointed at the lack of Bight. Next time he will ask for it to be Spicier. The Roti and the Desi Korma were devoured, the avoidance of Rice also enables the true Joy of The Curry to be the Focus.

Tissue Time?

Dr. Rick considered the Spice level in his Desi Korma to be excellent, but then went on to realise that he had not been made to sweat. No Tissues required. He was surprised at the level of Sweetness (normally this Dish has a Citrus Flavour). He remarked that the Lamb fell off the bone and had clearly been cooked in the Masala with which it was presented – not just slapped together – was the eloquent verdict.  The Chapatti Basket was also pronounced a success.

The Bill

£59.95. The Bill revealed a 95p surcharge for having Lamb on-the-bone. This appeared four times, we had two on-the-bone Dishes, so OK they charge twice for the Half-Kilo. But the fourth? The Salt Lassi was charged at £6.95, ouch. This was a Pound more than the Menu suggested, but then Salt Lassi was not there as such. We convinced the Waiter that his Tip would be enhanced if he sorted – The Errors.

The Aftermath

The Laurieston Bar is just along the road. They have been selling Fyne Ales from Cask for the last year or so. This has become a regular Friday night rendezvous pint. When was Hector last out in Glasgow on a Friday night?

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  1. Euan Fraser says:

    Sounds like another great night…..maybe one time I could join you to experience “The Village” curry in the hands of experts.

    Hector replies:

    Name the day…

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