Homemade Butter Chicken, with a little help from Yadgar

The new TV series presented by Madhur Jaffrey has inspired Hector to make another attempt at Butter Chicken.  The last time I followed an online recipe, the result was disappointing.  Butter Chicken served at Mother India’s Cafe is Marg’s favourite Curry, so the Recipient will be a Critic.  The Cooked Chicken was courtesy of Yadgar.

I trawled T’Internet once more and realised what I have concluded by watching Madhur Jaffrey’s Tour of Britain, as long as one gets the Basics right, everything else will fall into place. And so, Dear Reader, the Beginners Curry Recipe was as good as anywhere to start.

To the Onion, Garlic and Ginger I supplemented the Usual Spices with a few experimental selections form the Spice Cupboard: Amchour Powder, Methi Seeds and Dried Methi Leaves.

A very unhealthy portion of Butter was then added along with the Chicken.  The Chicken was then removed to prevent it being overcooked and the Masala allowed to cool.  A whole carton of Cream was then stirred in and the Chicken then added and brought back to the boil.  The Butter and Cream did not curdle, success.

Marg was Appreciative

The size of the Chicken Leg did put her off, she pretended she could not eat all this and so picked a bit off.  The bigger the leg, the bigger the bone!

The dish was very different from the Curry I would normally serve, the Butter was the obvious difference to even my normal Creamy Machi Masala.  I will make this again, with Chicken Fillet next time, whatever the Marinade on the Chicken I cannot accept it made all that difference. However, for this dish Chicken does feel right.

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