The Shenaz, still going after 45 years…

This evening was Dr. Rick’s choice of venue, it was written. However Hector admits to steering his choice through less than subliminal means. Realising last Saturday how few Glasgow Curry Houses are open in the  mid-afternoon, the feeling that the Shenaz always appears to be open, came to mind – must have another visit. It was also about time it moved up the Hierarchy in the Curry-Heute Website to Recommended. Jonathan and Hector had many a meal here before this humble Blog began, so the number of visits is well above that which is recorded. Dr. Rick knew he had never been here and so contacted Hector suggesting we visit The Shenaz, fish in a barrel. Dr. Stan was puzzled, not my normal choice of restaurant he suggested.

The Shenaz (17 Granville Street, Glasgow, G3 7EE) is one of Glasgow’s oldest Curry Houses and one of the Charing Cross Cluster. Hector has always had good experiences at this venue, it deserves more attention.

The was a pre-Curry rendezvous at the Bon Accord, haven’t been there for a while either. The Two Doctors were in situ, a swift Ale preceded the exit through the back door towards Granville Street. A charming welcome awaited us a the door where the Greeter took our coats. We were sat adjacent to the table the previous reports have been made from. We were still in time for the Pre-Theatre Menu, but as ever we desired the Full Bhuna.

I had recommended to Dr. Rick the Lahori Gosht (on-the-bone) which was outstanding when last sampled, this was to be our choice. When the Waiter approached to take our order I asked if the Lahori Gosht would still be as good as it was eighteen months ago. The Shenaz hasn’t changed in forty five years he assured me. Curry-Hoot – he remarked, Dr. Rick was straight in with the correct pronunciation – Hoy-teh. It was good to be recognised given how few visits I have made under the Hector Moniker.

Dr. Stan, as ever, had to be different. The Special Beef was his choice – Topside Beef in a Strong Sauce with Methi. Ah, Methi. Six Chapattis (£1.20) were the Accompaniments. We declined all other distractions – We have too much respect for the Curry, I assured the Waiter.

The wait was not a long one. This suggested that the classic three-pot system was in operation. We had been asked on entry if we had a reservation. There were about a dozen Fellow Diners. This is the busiest I have ever seen this place, I tend to be very early or in the bad old days, very late. With a full drinks license, no doubt many more would come. The Takeaway business appeared to be steady too. Given the choice of venues in the neighbourhood, this would not be people taking the easy option of going to their closest Curry-House, surely?

Described as having a Bhoona Sauce, the Lahori Gosht was definitely more runny than that serve last time, and even then I had hoped for something thicker. The Tomato content was also to the fore. This Curry looked like a Rogan Josh and thanks to the large pieces of Onion and Tomato this was the flavour that came to mind with conviction as I ate. There was a tremendous Kick too. The Lamb was very well presented, cooked to perfection. The Bone content was not excessive. This was still a very enjoyable Curry but was nothing like that served eighteen months ago. Yes, I do remember tastes.

The Chapattis were served in two Baskets of Three.  Large, and sufficient, they did their job.

Dr. Rick anticipated his moment – Spicier than Akbar’s, with a delicious on-the-bone taste, enough bones to show care had been taken, but not too many. Time for him to order his Salt Lassi.

Now Dr. Stan’s Special Beef had already caused a stir. It was clearly Methi-rich, enough to make Hector want to order it. Dr. Stan related that it took time for the flavour to emerge, but then it was lingering. The Beef was praised for being tender. As ever, the Complementary tidbits had been placed on the table.

Not one of us touched the Onion Chutney, Tomato, Coconut or Pineapple.

The Bill

£44.30. This included a total of four soft drinks.

The Aftermath

Dr. Rick announced that he is heading back to Cern (Route de Meyrin 385, 1217, Meyrin, Switzerland). Portions served up there tend towards the sub-atomic. Will Dr. Stan choose next Friday’s venue or wait until the Man from Bradford arrives on Saturday?

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