The Man from Bradford visits The Village – There ain’t no Sanity Clause…

Dr. Stan and Hector considered carefully the venue for Curry-Heute, when the rendezvous was decided, The Laurieston, this made The Village (129 Nelson Street, Tradeston, Glasgow G5 8BA) the logical choice. The Man from Bradford was arriving after 17.00, then updates postponed this until 18.00. It is surprising there was no greater disruption to the Nation’s Rail Network today, to say it was cold would be an understatement. The walk along Nelson Street was lethal, twice today already Hector had nearly lost his dignity. We must have looked liked a Santa Claus convention as we entered the restaurant such was the level of external packaging. It was so cold Hector was even wearing a Scarf.

On our last visit Dr. Stan thoroughly enjoyed one of The Village‘s Signature Dishes – The Village Lamb Desi Korma – but served by the Half-Kilo. Tonight Hector was determined to enjoy this feast, and take it as it comes. This would be much Wetter than the style of Curry Hector has come to prefer, and with the moist Masala, a Mushroom Rice would be required to soak it all up. By Hector ordering Rice, WW3 was avoided, Alistair could now order his Pilau without Ricky challenging him. The Man from Bradford is Rice Intolerant. Alistair ordered the Desi Korma – Hot. Dr. Stan for once conformed and ordered his Desi Korma Medium, with a Kick. Ricky asked for his Desi Korma to be served Dry – this would surely be a first? Jonathan chose the new favourite Lamb Lahori Karahi. Five Half-Kilos, no Bones. Chapattis and Nan were ordered across the table.

The Village was not as busy mid evening as anticipated. There were more empty tables than occupied, however, there are a lot of tables. Ricky was impressed by the new set-up. He reminisced with Kasif, Mein Host about the early days of Upstairs, then the Downstairs Café followed by the temporary, but lengthy, relocation across the street.

The wait was not a long one, Complementary Poppadoms and Onion Chutney helped pass the time. There was time to take some more photos of the New Village. The food was brought on a huge tray, the Waiter declined to have his photo taken…such modesty?

The Mushroom Rice came in a Bowl. This was quickly upturned and spread across the plate. The plates were now cold but were seriously hot when brought to the table. The First spoons of Desi Korma were heaped on, here we go…

There was a time when I couldn’t get enough of this dish. The Yoghurt based Masala still retains the flavour of Citrus but maybe not as powerful a blast as the fond memories relay.

I thought the Lamb was Fibrous, Alistair insisted this was a sign of the Lamb being properly cooked. When one orders the Half-Kilo on-the-bone the last bits can be a challenge. A Boneless Half-Kilo should have been an over-indulgence, it was not. Perhaps given the relatively later dining time the appetite was in top form. Suffice to say, this was the easiest Half-Kilo Hector has ever consumed. Does this suggest it was wonderful, or was something afoot? I had to ask. Kasif assured me he had watched the Chefs weigh out the Meat.

Alistair had asked for his meal to be Hot. He kept spooning the extra Green Chillies on to my plate. Hot indeed. He’ll know better next time.

Dr. Stan was too busy enjoying his food to make a comment. Ricky’s Desi Korma was unlike any I have ever seen. To see the Non-Soup version was an eye-opener. I am tempted to try it this way next time. With Chapattis employed to accompany his Curry, Ricky’s verdict: Slightly Hot, but Superb. The Meat content was World Class! Quite a statement from the Bradford Curry Guru.

On my last visit I hijacked the Lahori Karahi, tonight Jonathan had clearly ordered the best dish. Excellent – was how he described his first experience of this perfect Curry.

Okra v Capsicum

Alistair came out with one of his Interesting Facts. He related that a Lady he once worked beside from Sri Lanka claimed to serve Okra with everything whether it be Curry or not. This set the mind of Hector racing. Had Glasgow Curry Houses had access to this Vegetable in the early days, would the Population have eaten it? Hector has known of Okra since the early 1970s, a Can of Okraschoten is featured on the cover of Can’s seminal album – Ege Bamyasi. I cannot recall the first time I had it, but it would have been on the first visits to KRK when I first bought Okra. It features as the Interesting Vegetable in my home cooking with regularity.

My Curryspondent, Ahmed in Islamabad, assures me that Capsicum has no place in the cooking of Curry.

This is my theory, and it’s mine…Did Capsicum appear in British Curry as a replacement for Okra?

Hi Marg!

Marg arrived in the midst of our Curry eating. Kasif offered Complementary Tea/Coffee and amazingly Rice Pudding! What is happening in Glasgow Curry Houses? Yadgar started this years ago, Akbar’s have made it a matter of course. Will this become the norm?

The Bill

£92.95. Now, supposing we had eaten this volume of food in the West End?

The Aftermath

We had to walk past the New Karahi Palace to get to the car. How many times have I walked past this wonderful outlet? The staff did not look familiar as I looked inside… I must get along and check them out again. The land of Karela.

With Ricky still in town on Monday, a Yadgar visit was discussed.  Shkoor was texted with the request to feed 5 at 5pm.  Ordering a Yadgar Curry at The Village, a first?

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4 Responses to The Man from Bradford visits The Village – There ain’t no Sanity Clause…

  1. john s says:

    Well its Harri’s for our Winter Solstice celeb on Wednesday 19th. Do not anticipate same issue.

    Hector replies:

    Try the Lamb Gurmeet.

  2. Archie says:

    Only 3 decent sized pieces and 1 small piece of Lamb in the lunchtime dish at the Village… price was £5.95 for 4 small pieces veg pakora/Lamb Curry and 2 Chapatis. As stated in a previous commect they have doubled the price of the cans of juice since moving across the road. However the reduction in portion size and increase in prices have not scared anuyone off as it was half full last Friday.

  3. John Slack says:

    Lunch with two colleagues Tuesday 11th. two Lahori Karahi ,one Desi Korma and “side” of tarka daal. When Doris presented in front of us I had to ask if we were being presented with Lunch time deal portions. 12 pieces of lamb had been evenly distributed between the three of us amd 3 spoonfulls saw off the masala. Meagre does not cover it. Yes, we should have ordered 1/2 kilo but we didny.

    Hector replies:

    Dear John, you should have known better, especially at T’Village… I suspect even if you order a Normal Portion at midday they serve the Lunchtime Portion… The Half Kilo should surely by default now be the norm.

  4. Ahmed says:

    Okra is a summer vegetable in our part of the world. (In Sri Lanka, it might be available year round because of the tropical climate???). It is usually cooked at home with meat; dry, no shorba. Does not feature on restaurant menus. So I am not sure if capsicum is a replacement.

    Hector replies:

    So how did we end up suffering Capsicum in British Curry?

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