Bradford – Sheesh Mahal – A Break-Inn

Last year on January 3rd, Craig and Yvonne were willing participants in the Ritual eating of Curry for Breakfast before the drive back North. Today they would make their second visit to the Sheesh Mahal (6 St. Thomas’s Rd, Bradford, BD1 2RW) in fifteen hours. We also had two Special Guests joining us for our Feast: John –The Bradford Curry Blogger and Tony, his Father.

Arriving just before Noon we were perplexed to find the premises closed. The sign on the Upstairs Window clearly states – Opens 11.30 Daily. We were considering our options when Sadaqat pulled up outside in the company of a Chef.

This was Hector’s second Curry-Heute/Bradford Curry Blog encounter, it was good to introduce Marg to John. John feels he knows Marg given the number of Photographs that now have been posted.

Given that the Body of Hector was probably still full of Lamb, Fish seemed to be the obvious compromise, but where was Fish on the Menu? Sadaqat assured me Fish was possible as he brought the Poppadoms, Dips and Salad, all Complimentary – of course. Craig though this to be a good idea and it was agreed we would have the same Fish Creation cooked by Sadaqat himself, the Chillies would be left off one Dish. Marg still not too hungry secured a Fish Tikka Starter as her Main. Yvonne maintained the Maritime Theme by ordering King Prawn Pathia. John also ordered Pathia but in Lamb whilst Tony ordered an Onion Bhaji as well as a Rogan Josh.

Mushroom Rice was Hector’s Accompaniment, Craig and Yvonne ordered a Plain Pilau each, whilst The Chaps ordered Roti and Nan.

The Table was heaving with Food.

More than enough and it just kept coming…

The Break-Inn

Early this morning somebody broke into the premises through the window of the Ladies Toilet, glass everywhere, I am told. Sadaqat was a bit distracted, Taj the Owner was called in, Omar followed on. How much sleep had Omar managed after his late night shift? They were confident that the Perpetrator of this Heinous Crime would have been caught on Camera. The Security Chap was summoned. The Police were the last to arrive, it appeared. Gone was the Petty Cash which normally would not have been on the premises but Taj had gone home earlier than his norm.

The Sadaqat Challenge

With the normal calm enthusiasm restored, Sadaqat said he would give us another of his House Dishes and again not tell us what it was. Describing previous offerings, John was not looking forward to the out of the ordinary.

The Fish Curry and the Rice was a perfect combination, almost Kedgeree. Craig was again astonished at how much Flavour versus Heat he was being exposed to. He will eat Curry in Bradford far more readily now than anywhere else. The Masala was as Dry as served at Kashmir, two seriously Dry Curry dishes consecutively! The Rice does detract from the Flavour and it is a pity the Mushrooms were Tinned. The Meal was Light, as required before a four hour drive. Yvonne agreed with the Quantity Verdict – Just the right amount for a Lunchtime Curry. Marg’s Fish looked very similar to the Spice Fish served at Yadgar, Glasgow, but twice as large. This was more than she was expecting, she ate the lot – Just what I needed!

I shall not write on behalf of John and Tony, they have the means of adding their own Review or Comments.

There’s More

The Dish of The Day was how Sadaqat described the Chicken Drumsticks in Breadcrumbs and the Mystery Curry set before us. I spotted Tripe immediately, in a classic Sheesh Mahal Masala. The Herb/Methi content was visible too. I think I shall always prefer Lamb to this, but once again here was the opportunity to try something wildly different from the norm.  Another Bread came out too. I hope these Extras continue in our visits to come.

The Sheesh Mahal Bradford – What a wonderful place to eat Curry!

Kashmiri Tea and a Mango Lassi also made an appearance, John’s first Spiced Tea encounter. Marg is an old hand.

The Bill

£42.50. Six Diners, Seven Portions of Curry, the Rest. And them came the Sweets.

The Aftermath

Fond Farewells were Bidden, until February, oh – that’s next Month!

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