First visit to Bradford’s Westgate

And so Marg was walked home before midnight to The Travelodge, past the Sheesh Mahal, Mr. Holden had planted the notion of visiting the adjacent Westgate (8 Saint Thomas’s Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 2RW) earlier in the evening. Had it been us going for a Curry this  is where we would have gone. Yes, Folks, Hector did decline the Invitation to go for a Curry! The Lamb Chops from The International were still Fuelling Marg and Hector.   As it was now only Seven of Nine, Ricky led them to the Sheesh Mahal. The Seven tell me it was a pleasure to have a Curry without it being photographed, impossible. They protest to much.

Westgate has only recently re-opened after a major refurbishment. Like its neighbour, this was at the very basic end of the market. In the past I had stuck my head in the door whilst waiting for a taxi, office still upstairs. It looked most uninviting. The atmosphere as I entered just after Midnight remained uninviting. I felt I might be in the Wrong Movie to use a well worn phrase. About a dozen Co-Diners sat at four tables. Seven Chaps finished their meals and left as I looked at the very basic Menu. Indeed the Menu was so basic I was on the point of leaving when I finally located something decent, Mathi Gosht Masala (£6.50). The rather Busy Waiter took my order and wiped the adjacent tables.

The kitchen was at the end of the very dark room with a large open hatch, I recognised one of the Chefs. The Chef resplendent in Woolly Hat had worked next door before their redevelopment, I wondered what had happened to these guys during the six months renovation. I was sat at the Periphery of the Hub. The few Chaps remaining could well have been taxi drivers, my thoughts returned to the nights in the Akash, Helensburgh sitting in such company. The Waiter brought the food.

Westgate has appeared in other Curry Blogs under its original incarnation. People have described the food as being among the best in Bradford. This indeed was a Classic Bradford Curry. The Lamb was cut into tiny pieces. There was hardly a trace of Masala and certainly no Oil, this re-defines the description –Dry. Only the Kashmir serves Curry this Dry in Bradford to the best of my knowledge. The Lamb was not really Spiced, it was all about the Herb Taste, The Methi. One could not fault this in any way – this was a very fine Curry. More Spice would have given the Wow Factor. Ricky would certainly approve of this venue, he would like the Prices too.

I didn’t touch The Salad and Dip.

Only Four Left

One Chap got up and walked beyond the hatch to a small steel sink to wash his hands. I followed on, could find no sign of a toilet and did likewise. There was no towel. A Chap sitting at the nearest table handed me a wad of Napkins on my return. The Waiter asked if all was well, I was feeling more part of the establishment now.

The Bill

£6.50. It is strange to see a Dish on the Menu and this is the Total on The Bill.

The Aftermath

In the dimmest of light, I took my cash to the Hatch and gave the Calling Card. The Waiter appeared more relaxed than when I had entered. I left with mixed feelings. I will no doubt return at some point with Ricky, I would never bring Marg here.

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