The Mother of Hector is 80! Cafe Salma, Mother’s Choice…

The Mother of Hector is primarily responsible for Hector’s Curry Lust. The Mother of Hector is Eighty Years old this very day. It was she who decided the the Birthday Lunch would be a Curry and the venue would be Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, G3 7PQ).

Six came to dine shortly after the 14.00 Sunday opening time. We took our seats downstairs, a cake had been dropped of a wee bit before. This is the first appearance of The Sister of Hector in Curry-Heute, Elaine does not get out to eat Curry often but having been to India knows what constitutes a genuine Curry. John and Dinah were Mother’s invited guests and also make their inaugural appearance.

The Complementary Poppadoms and Dips were brought as we arranged our seats.  Hassan, Mein Host, arrived on the premises, three hours before his normal Sunday starting time he told me. When he saw the booking he thought he had better be present. Hassan came straight down to greet the Party and welcome the Mother of Hector once more. He took the order himself.

Dinah decided to go Moroccan and chose a Tajine – Chicken Tajine Fassi. John opted for the highly recommended Kofta Palak with Peshwari Nan as Accompaniment. Marg departed from her norm and went for Kofta too, of the Bhuna variety. Two Chapattis (two?) were her chosen Sides. Elaine was almost ordering Kofta, not having experienced these since India but went for the Ravi Machi. I suggested that this would best be accompanied by the excellent Vegetable Rice. Hector had considered each of these three Curry Dishes but decided to have the same as Mother on this day – The Lamb Lahori Karahi (Medium with a Kick). Boiled Rice has been Mother’s Accompaniment since the dawn of time. I have not experienced the outstanding Garlic and Coriander Nan for some time, quantity wise it is comparable to two Chapattis. Elaine decided another one on the table would be in order.

Dinah’s Tajine was a Veritable Feast. The Chicken part was significant, the Cous Cous generous and a Bread was also part of the presentation. A Doggy-Bag was called for eventually.

John managed to review both parts of his meal simultaneously – Naniliscious, I’m glad I came.

Marg was glad of her change but found the Kofta Bhuna to be Spicier than she expected. She enjoyed the different texture to the Meatballs compared to her typical Chicken/Lamb choices.

Elaine considered the Ravi Machi to be Authentic. She explained her Fish choice being down to the fact that she rarely gets to eat it. The Garlic and Coriander Nan was also a big hit.


Wunderbar – was how Mother described her Lamb Lahori Karahi. This is a much wetter Curry can than Hector tends to aim for currently. The Masala is certainly not Soup, far too good. Scooping the Masala into the Nan is pleasure. Choosing the moment to take in some Tender Lamb is part of the overall pleasure. This is a Great Curry.

Happy Birthday

The arrival of the Coffee was the Queue to bring in the Cake. Unbelievably, this was Mother’s first ever Birthday Cake. Why eat Cake when one can eat Curry?

The Bill

£100.70. There was no charge for Rent, we were there nearly three hours.

The Aftermath

More fuss was made of The Lady on her Special Day.

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  1. Neil says:

    A belated happy birthday to your mother. Looks like a grand time was had by all.

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