Dry Lamb Curry – Home Cooked

The local supermarket insisted I take home portions of Lamb Neck Fillet, heavily reduced.  Cooking for one this evening, what to do?  Curry-Heute!

Determined to try the new Pot and do something different, Hector consulted a few Recipe Websites, all insisted I marinate the Lamb in Yoghurt and Spices.  A ground Garam Masala and Yoghurt mix became the Marinade.

After a patient thirty minutes the Pot was placed in the oven to bake the Lamb mix.  Meanwhile in another Pot, determined to make a Dry Masala the only liquid added to the pulping Onions was from the Tomatoes, Ghee was used instead of my normal Vegetable Oil.

After another thirty minutes and the near panic of having ruined the Onion based Masala the contents of the Old Pot were added to the New.  By now the Lamb had given up its Juices, more than enough Liquid.

After another forty five minutes in the oven Courgette and Mushrooms were to be added  as the Interesting Vegetables.  A Spoon of Lime Pickle somehow found its way in too.  The countdown began, thirty minutes more…

The Lamb Curry

The Lamb was a much better quality than normally purchased, the tenderness was astounding.  The blend of the usual Spices gave a suitable kick, the Pickle the Achari Bight.

More Seasoning

Salt had been added at the time of cooking, not enough.  In keeping with Hector’s self imposed Salt Law there had to be a second plate consumed, much better.






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