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The first visit to The Village ‘Curry House’ (119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8BA) of 2013 was written in the Diary some time back. This would be in the too infrequent company of Alan and Tracy. The rendezvous was at The Laurieston just along Nelson St. where Hector had been checking the quality of the Ale before the arrival of his Dining Companions.

Marg drove us along, negotiating the maze that is the one way system around Tradeston. We entered The Village though the new Main Door on West St.

Our Sri Lankan Host (why do I still not know his name?) offered us a table in two minutes. Spotting the Balcony Seats to be free I offered – Why not take three minutes and give us a table upstairs? A first. There was the suggestion that this was set aside for those who wish to Bring Their Own… a feature I shall mention this once only, not to be encouraged.

No Rice

Alan took my lead and decided upon the Lamb Lahori Kirahi, but Boneless and merely a Portion. Hector had the full Half-Kilo in mind and on-the-bone. Well, who could eat a Bonless Half-Kilo? Tracy who eschews Lamb chose the Chicken Punjabi Kirahi. Marg was in the mood for the Village Classic – the Lamb Desi Korma. Three Chapattis and a Garlic and Coriander Nan were the Accompaniments.

Oh, We’re having Starters

Inspired by the memory of the Lamb Chops at Akbar’s last month we established that a portion of Badscha Chops here was indeed four, for Alan and I to share.  Tracy opted for Fish, the Lahori Machli. Marg was content to enjoy the Complementary Poppadoms but did ask for a portion of Mango Chutney.

Given the size of the premises one does not expect to see it full, there were a significant number of Co-diners downstairs, an opportunity to photograph the crowd. The conversation at the table was of München. Alan and Tracy were there recently to see a Beat Combo – Motörhead. This was their first visit to this fine city and so a visit to the Indien Mango was called for. They were not over-impressed and should have followed the given instructions. They were kept prisoner for two hours once they identified themselves as Friends of Hector. They apparently did not spend time in any of the classic München  drinking establishments.

The Starters arrived in good time. The Lamb Chops were smaller than those I have eaten recently:  Yadgar  and Akbar’s in Glasgow, The International in Bradford. They were suitably Dry and Marinated in Spice, very Tasty I thought. Alan was less impressed expressing a preference for Akbar’s.  Perhaps his Soft Drink was affecting his judgement?  Tracy sampled some Lamb, wtf? The Fish Starter was a decent sized portion but then it was almost the price of a Bradford Main Course. I declined the opperchancity to sample the Fish, I knew what was coming, or did I?

Compare and Contrast

January 19                     v                      September 17

The Half-Kilo of Lahori Kirahi served this evening bore little to no resemblance to the wonderful dish I have been served since this became the first dish on the new Menu in the New Premises. The Masala was too the fore, indeed it looked nearer the Tawa than that served previously. The Masala of course had the wonderful Village Flavours but how did I end up with this? The Lamb as ever was plentiful in this size of serving. I had to ask Abdul for a third Chapatti to complete the serving, another first. Satisfaction was certainly achieved but one’s mind cannot help but consider the many Blog entries I have written over the years about the lack of consistency at this venue. Maybe they need to look at a photograph of the various dishes so that the Chef on duty will know what the customer expects.

Alan’s Boneless version was described as –  Delicious, but was not hot enough, as in Spice.  At least Hector can state that the Portion looked to be a decent size.  Archie, my Curryspondent, has been carefully monitoring the number of pieces of Lamb served up these days, particularly  at Lunchtimes.


Tracy’s Chicken Punjabi Karahi was everything I would not order. At least the Masala was not excessive, but Chicken and Capsicum? A Doggy Bag was called for, Abdul obliged.

Now the Village Lamb Desi Korma has given Hector, and Marg, great pleasure over the years. Tonight’s was far too Soup-like. The Masala is a key part of this dish, but there is a limit, surely. We had all asked for our meals to be served with a Kick, except for Marg who asked for Medium. Marg’s dish turned out to be the Spiciest of the four served. I sampled, assault! Marg resorted to the Doggy Bag also.  Our Waiter said he would ask the Chef what happened…

Coffees were consumed by three of four.

The Bill

£74.35. With Starters and Coffee, well within acceptable parameters.

The Aftermath

I spotted our Sri Lankan Host showing his Computer-thingamybob to Mr Baig (the Proprietor) and a young Lady member of staff who must be Miss Baig, she is Kassif’s image. Mr Baig looked up, I realised they had to be looking at the Curry-Heute Website. Indeed they were. Mr Baig reminded me that I should have asked for my Kirahi to be served – Dry and Desi-style.  Why don’t they serve it that way by default?  Kassif joined the family for a Photo. I shall call her Miss Baig.  Miss Baig said – You have been everywhere!  She then asked why The Village was not My Favourite Curry House? I had to admit my allegiance to Yadgar and the Curry Houses of Bradford – where Chapattis are inclusive. However as her Family will testify, I ate at The Village for years before Yadgar was brought to my attention. I have eaten more Glasgow Curry on these premises by far, and therefore feel entitled to be critical.

I had to show them the Blog of the worst Curry served to Hector since the dawn of Curry-Heute, the Zwarg in BambergThat was an Indian restaurant? – asked Mr. Baig incredulously?

Now if only I could find a photo of the worst Curry ever served up in the south of Zakynthos at Laganas.  I did offer to return the next day to show them how…

Meanwhile, the others waited, patiently…

The Poster in the window is an advert for Valentine’s Day.  Marg and Hector were privileged to be part of a sell-out evening some years back in the old Upstairs Restaurant.

 Cider Time

Hengler’s Circus do not let you in with a Doggy Bag. We left being unable to get served in decent time, typical of this chain. Three times I walked two blocks on Sauchiehall St. which must be the unhealthiest place in Glasgow, given the disgusting ritual people partake of, on the pavements. Glasgow’s Current POTY, The State Bar was once more the establishment of choice. The loud music drove us out last time, this time we stayed but the staff were a bit indifferent. The Ale was nothing special, hence Cider.

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