Kabana – Manchester’s #1 Curry Cafe

On previous Manchester Trips, breakfast has been at Al Faisal (58 Thomas St.). Initial research had suggested that Kabana (52 Back Turner St., Manchester, M4 1LQ) was the best of the Curry Cafés in the Northern Quarter. Alas it is closed on a Saturday and I have always departed too early on a Sunday. Today the attraction of Stockport  convinced me of the need to stay on.  Finally a visit to this Curry Cafe was on.  Kabana, located right behind Al Faisal opened at 10.30 this morning, just as Andy Murray started to lose in the Final of the Australian Open.

Hector entered at 11.10, two Chaps were finishing off their Breakfast Curry, a third would turn out to be Staff. The choice of Seat had to be such as not to invade the space of others. This took me to the back table on the right, a perfect place from which to observe all the Action and take a Clandestine Photo or two.

The Display Boards made me conclude I should be ordering at the Counter and not wait for Table Service. Lamb on-the-bone was available and so the Karahi was ordered with the customary two Chapattis (60p). Howard and Tracey walked in a few minutes later. They ordered the same but off-the-bone. Mine came first, as anticipated.

As is served in the adjacent Al Faisal this was in the Shorba-style. The first Dip of the first Chapatti made me exclaim – Salt!   This Curry had the perfect Salt Balance, the Kick was also right. Small pieces of Sliced Green Chillies were on the bottom of the bowl. This was not for the Faint of Heart. There was a sense of Fresh Ginger too. There was sufficient Lamb allowing for the Bones, most of which was Tender, a couple of bits of Fatty Lamb were present. The only downside was the Chapattis. These went Cold and Crispy far too quickly.

Howard and Tracey’s Boneless version arrived not too long after I started eating. Howard remarked that – There was more Sauce than expected. A Big Salt and Coriander Hit, the right size of Portion. Better than Cornflakes. Tracey described hers as – Very good, better than Burnt Toast (which she had observed others in the Company eating at their Hotel Breakfast). The Chapattis served to Tracey were the best of the six on the Table.  I must admit the Boneless Lamb Karahi looked and sounded better than what I had enjoyed.   Indeed, for once I believe Howard experienced the Better Curry, now this is a rarity.

The Bill

£5.70. This was for one Curry and two Chapattis. Seriously Good Value.

The Aftermath

The Counter Glass had a collection of Calling Cards underneath, I offered mine and showed Mein Host the Curry-Heute Website. He had guessed what I was up to when he saw me Photograph the lot. The Two Chaps I dealt with were decidedly pleasant. The Curry here was definitely worth the visit. If it’s Sunday it will be Kabana!

Now for Stockport…


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