Kama Sutra

This is Hector’s first visit to the Kama Sutra (331 Sauchiehall St  Glasgow, G2 3HW).  There has been a cluster of Curry Houses on this stretch of Sauchiehall Street for many years.  These days this street is a most uncomfortable experience given the number of people standing outside the numerous Pubs and Restaurants.

Kama Sutra was open for Pre-theatre Diners and so welcomed Hector at 16.45.  The window seat was occupied by a Couple, I was sat at a small table three places away.  The next Couple to enter were sat two table away across a partition.  Why create such a Cluster when the rest of the spacious room was empty?

I was invited to examine the Drinks Menu which I did not.  I was here for Curry.  For those who require it, a full range of Drinks are available.  The Sparkling Water as ever was Hector’s Choice.

Methi Gosht appeared to be the best Dish on offer, though thanks to Technology, Neil was able to tell me they may have had Venison.  I didn’t spot Zyakedar Hiran on the Menu, but given it was £10.95 for the Lamb Dish, the price of the Venison would no doubt be significantly more.

I asked for the Methi Gosht to be served as Dry/Thick as the Chef could manage.  A line I have been using a lot in new Venues of late.  The Waiter assured me that this Dish would be served that way anyway.  We were talking the same language – Curry!  Chapattis were not listed on the Menu so I had to ask tentatively for two (£1.15).

The Methi Gosht was presented in a good sized portion. There was enough Tender Lamb and this was outstanding in terms of Texture.  The Masala was Thick as promised, this was shaping up for something special.  Alas, the anticipated Burst of Flavours did not emerge: the classic Under-seasoned Curry. The first Chapatti disappeared in seconds, I had to work hard at ensuring the second lasted the course.  One concludes that these were not particularly large.

Another member of Staff came to check on the progress of the original Three Diners.  I gave a – Fine –  in response to – Can I get you anything else?  By the time I finished my meal a whole Staff Crew had entered.

Overall, the Curry was probably above average.  As a Curry Lover this does not necessarily equate to disappointment. Curry is Curry, but one always hopes to discover another Special Place.

The Bill

£15.80.  This is two Pounds more than one would pay on the the other side of Charing Cross, where the Curry is way better.  Is there any reason why I should return?  Bradford-in-Glasgow at Akbar’s, the wonderful Cafe Salma and the superb Punjabi Charing Cross offer a much better Curry Experience.

The Aftermath

The Calling Card was presented, to yet another new face, nobody wanted to make anything of it.

There was a rendezvous at the adjacent Hengler’s Circus.  Hector out mid-week? For reasons that will unfold, I shall not see The Chaps for some time.

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