Not Greenwich, just The Village

Having enjoyed the atmosphere of Greenwich Village for much of this week, it was a less than subliminal decision that the first Curry-Heute back in Blighty would be at The Village ‘Curry House‘ (119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow, G5 8BA). Entering earlier than the Friday Norm, there would be only two Fellow Diners, one a Regular. This is the quietest I have seen the New Premises. Mein Host was chatting to them but soon came over to take my order.

The first business of the day was to solve the identity problem. Andrew introduced himself formally. He will no longer be Mein Host from Sri Lanka. Andrew?, a popular name there apparently. Complementary Poppadoms and Onion Chutney were summoned and delivered whilst our discourse continued. Today’s Order was already taken care of thanks to an entry on a popular Social Media Website. I had asked for the re-introduction of the lost Laal Lahori. This had been promised. A solitary Chapatti would be the Accompaniment. The Clock said Dinner Time, the Body Clock was still confused. Having had my last Evening Meal at 02.00 GMT courtesy of United Airlines followed by Breakfast 06.00, it was surely time to eat, Lunch?

Sitting adjacent to the till, Kassif took up his post, the beginning of a pleasant conversation was under-way. He too got his input to my order, before Mr Baig himself became involved. Dry and Boneless was confirmed to the Proprietor himself, ironically the Laal Lahori was always served  as a Wet, Soup-like Dish … Evolution.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, The Village was Stowed as ever. There is a long standing Tradition of people enjoying these premises on this day. Marg and Hector once enjoyed such an evening in the Old Upstairs Restaurant. This year we ate Italian, in Little Italy! That was Yesterday?

Kassif now has an understanding of how I manage to get to so many places, not just around Glasgow but the UK, Europe and beyond. Orkney, Poland and Tunisia will be new entries later in 2013. This week has seen the first two Curry-Heute reviews from the USA.

Big Brother walked by, Shahraz has worked in the Kitchen for as long as Hector has frequented The Village, but always in the background. He nodded in recognition.

The Duty Waiter brought the Laal Lahori, I was hardly started when Mr Baig came over to verify the Content and Style, he reaffirmed that the Fresh Tomatoes and Fresh Ginger are what completes the very Fine Dish. Being served as Dry as it was, this was certainly a Development of what had been served for years. Moments later Mr Baig returned and took the seat opposite. This felt like a Taj, at the Sheesh Mahal in a Bradford, Moment. We were going to talk – Curry!  This always makes Hector’s Day.

Mr. Baig expressed his frustration that  Chefs feel obliged to serve Dishes so Wet. The Public have become used to Meat Swimming in Sauce (Soup!), he is happy to lead them away from this. I was told that The Village was the first Restaurant in Glasgow to advertise their Meat as being Halal, now this is commonplace. He envisages a large screen being erected in the Restaurant featuring a couple of Specials. These would be a departure from the Norm – sounds like  Hector-style Curry to me. This would be a case of – If People see it, they will eat it.  Mr. Baig is also determined to keep the Menu – Small. How many Venues have a Menu that goes on for Page after Page, yet what is served all comes out of the same Pot? It was admitted that at The Village they do have to maintain a Lamb Pot otherwise this Meat could not be served efficiently. (Chicken of course cooks in minutes.) The Chefs then work their magic to create the required Lamb Dish. One of my Criticisms of The Village over the years I have frequented the various premises is that the same Dish can vary from day to day depending on which Chef is on Duty. The Laal Lahori I was served with today would not have been created this way without the intervention of The Proprietor. Consistency will remain a problem. For me, the other Criticism, Portion Size has been solved. The Half-Kilo is more than sufficient. However, my Curryspondents are still making Comments on the Quantity of Meat served, particularly at Lunch Times. Do the Chefs/Waiters lose track of who has ordered the Lunchtime Specials and those The Full Bhuna?

What I was eating today was superb, and even though it was just a Standard Portion, there was no problem with the quantity. The Tomato content is what makes this Dish for me. The Flavours come out, the Lamb was Tender as ever. Andrew asked if this was the best Curry I had ever eaten. The Curry Houses of Bradford retain that Accolade.

The Bill

£8.90. No Sparkling Water, and only One Chapatti.

The Aftermath

Kassif’s Young Sister, Irram. introduced herself and verified the spelling of her name. I just have to meet Mother now.

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