VIP Taste – Curry with Attitude

It was Neil who found the review of VIP Taste (623 Cathcart Road, Glasgow, G42 8AE) in The List which prompted this visit by Hector. Hector of course features in The List’s current Eating Out Guide, well in photograph form anyway. Check the entry on The Khyber.

Located just along the road from the unglamorous but no nonsense Sheerin Palace and the superb Yadgar, this is another addition to the Glasgow Curry Café scene. There is stiff competition.

Entering the premises just after 17.00 there was a Chap sitting at the far end getting stuck in to what was on offer. I put my jacket on a chair in the middle of the room making it clear I was here to sit in. Two Chaps were behind the Counter. I hear you serve very good Curry – was my opening remark. There was no Menu available and the Board only gave the Kebab and Pizza Menu. The Curry was on display under the Counter. A Lamb on-the-bone with Potato looked the most appealing. Two more meat Dishes, both Chicken, Spinach and Potato and a Daal Dish were also available. The Seated Chap told me the Chilli Chicken was the Dish to have. I related my preference not to eat Chicken Curry. Meanwhile nothing was coming back from the Servers. Was  The Seated Chap –  The Owner?

I was advised that it would take a few minutes to serve the Lamb. I hoped a solitary Chapatti should be sufficient Accompaniment.

I asked The Chap if he was The Boss and was told he was The Brother, but one of the Young Servers was the Owner’s Son. This Server had now left the premises leaving his Colleague to deal with my order. I sat with the Trusty Samsung in hand trying to access T’Internet, no chance, not in the Tenement Canyons.

The Food came within the expected time period, a Bowl of Curry and a large Freshly made Chapatti served on foil. This would help retain the heat and keep it soft to the end, a good trick. The Curry was very much Curry Café, reminiscent of  Al Faisal in Manchester. There was only one significant Bone in the Serving, enough to make The Meal. The Masala was thicker than Shorba, what I have described as 1960s Glasgow Curry. The Lamb was well cooked, Tender, and the Kick was imminent. At first I felt more Seasoning would have improved the Experience, but the lingering Flavours made me change this view, this was an Above Average Curry, but in no way Outstanding.

My Fellow Diner told me that they have been here for two years and are in effect an Outlet for VIP Taste, the Caterers located in Gorbals, a few streets north towards the River Clyde. The Website for this outfit does not appear to be active. There are plans for a total renovation of the Café. The current Spartan Décor would only attract the local community or Curry Hunters such as myself.

The Bill

£5.50. This is good value even allowing for the Café atmosphere.

 The Aftermath

The Calling Card was handed to the Young Chap who served me who then gave it to my Fellow Diner. I asked Uncle if I could take some Photographs. Mein Host was summoned. Permission was declined. This was a first!

Mein Host explained that with plans to refurbish any photos would soon be out of date. Dear Reader, compare and contrast the changes at The Village which have been photographically chronicled over the years. The nearby Yadgar will refurbish at an indeterminate time. I would have thought that any publicity would be welcomed, alas not.

If Mein Hosts invites me after the refurbishment I shall return, otherwise…

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