A second Bradford Curry-Heute, eventually…

The Plan this morning was to arrive at The International (40-42 Morley St, Bradford BD7 1BE) for the supposed 11.00 Saturday opening time.  Not a good idea as the records show it does not open until Noon.  Breakfast was required, in Bradford that will be Curry.  Craig and Yvonne were in a similar mindset, Yvonne texted to ask where would open at 10.00.  The Kashmir Restaurant (27 Morley Street, Bradford, BD7 1AG) would surely be open that early, I have never seen it closed, at any time.

Distant Bells were ringing at 10.00 as I descended from the bright sunlight into the Basement.  I heard a voice, then I saw Mein Host – We don’t open until 11.30.  I was looking forward to my Fish Curry.  Craig and Yvonne were at the top of the stairs as I emerged on to Wilton St, they guessed.

I know of no Curry House in this part of town which is open for Breakfast, suggestions are welcome.

We ate a very Bland English at the Sir Titus Salt before meeting up with Jonathan and Robin at The Train Station.  No Curry would be consumed in Huddersfield.

Much later…

The Bus proved to be the fastest mode of transport back to Bradford.  Dr. Stan who has just been Beamed into this Blog Entry could not resist the thought of a Curry at The International.  It was the Young Waiters who greeted us and sat us at the very back of the Downstairs Room.  An adjacent  Large Party were hopefully finishing off.  Maybe it is a new phenomenon, but I had never noticed people Bringing Their Own, tonight this was most apparent.

The Complementary Poppadoms and Dips were brought with the customary efficient.  Dr. Stan mentioned Starters, he likes his Sikh Kebab, queue the Lamb Chops for Hector!

Back in 2011, The International served Hector his Best Curry – Ever!  I had to consult a well known and reliable Curry Blog to rediscover what this Dish was – Lamb Krahi Methi. After The Big Sell, Dr. Stan was up for this too.

Not having tasted the Seekh Kebab I will take Dr. Stan’s word for it that it was up to standard.  The Lamb Chops were Four in the portion.  Cut thin, they had absorbed all the Spices.  With suitable Black Bits, they had been sufficiently Charred.

Hector could eat these all day, but it is not Curry!  Last time I did have them with Masala, The Best of Both Worlds.

The two Principal Waiters had not been present until this point.  There may have been a Function being held in the Upstairs.  As the Sari-clad Ladies withdrew so The Chaps may have been freed from their other duties.  Mein Host #1 came over, arms outstretched –  The Ritual  Welcome, now I have graduated to The Hug. When he turned to embrace Dr. Stan there was a moment of…  Dr. Stan doesn’t do Hugs…

The Two Lamb Krahi Methi and Six Popadoms were brought by Mein Host himself.  Two pieces of the Alien Vegetable were visible, for Decoration, no more.  The Spice content in the Chops was significant, this was on a higher level still.  The Masala was Bradford-style, enough to be present. Whilst the Herb content was visible, the Methi was not to the fore.  Dr. Stan had to admit to Disappointment after The Big Build Up.  Hector’s Palate was still recovering from the Lamb Chops.  This was not The Best Curry Ever, but still Way Better than the Norm.

I may be reaching the conclusion that from 21.00 to Closing Time on a Saturday may not be the best time to visit The International.  Maybe The Chefs take more time when they are under less pressure.

The Bill

£21.50.  We did have Serious Starters.

The Aftermath

Mein Other Host greeted us as we departed, still no Old Minis for him to  come up to  Glasgow to fetch.

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