Mognies, Mognies, Mognies

Well, I asked for a Dry Curry

It was a long day. The Hawkshead Beer Festival at Staveley, where else, was finally visited. Why had it taken me so long to experience this? A return is already planned. The consequence is that Hector will be reporting on the Lancaster Curry Scene for the foreseeable.

Shkoor from Yadgar  texted me whilst I was at Staveley to inform me that Sparkling Water is now available at his outstanding Glasgow Curry Outlet.  What prompted that? I must visit next Friday to celebrate, I might even have a Curry too.

The Aftermath of Staveley did involve a change of trains at Oxenholme, and a Farewell to the Duke and Tyndall. Dr. Stan was still in tow, or was he leading me? The Tap House in Lancaster is where we caught up with what was left of The Staveley Eleven. Hector was abandoned, time to go for Food. (Yvonne had a Chinese, but has made no further comment.)

Mognies (66 Penny Street, Lancaster, LA1 1XF) was the intended Venue this evening, I did not think a more formal establishment would be appropriate. Having passed it last night I knew what I was in for. The sides of this essentially Takeaway had seats down both walls. Two Chaps were finishing as I entered, I became The Lone Diner once again.

The Calling Card

Tonight I decided to announce my arrival from the start. The Calling Card was presented as I paid the modest sum of £8.35 for a Lamb Curry, Rice and a Chapatti. I did asked for Dry Curry. The Server indicated the Chef behind him, he would do what could be done.

The wait could have been hours or minutes, I amused myself taking artistic photos of The Menu. I never read it, just photographed it. Fun with Menus.

The Bits came

The Polystyrene Plate was a hoot, the Chapatti in its bag took me back to the much celebrated Shahed’s in my own city. The Rice and The Curry et al were in the now customary Takeaway Plastic Containers. Some still use Aluminium Foil with Cardboard Lids? One Spoon and no Napkins., not one. Crazy. I had Rice so not so much a problem.

The Rice Portion was more than adequate. I poured what was very much the standard Curry Soup over the top. It looked like a standard Curry, Dry was certainly not an appropriate adjective.

It maybe does me good to go back in time and enjoy what is served as Mainstream Curry. This is possibly what The Majority expect? At £8.35 I had no complaints.

The Chapatti

This deserves its own paragraph. The Chapatti had – The Wow! – factor. Thick, Fleshy, Magnificent. Yet This Curry needed the Rice. This Chapatti was different from the norm, it had the character of a Middle Eastern Pitta.

Mein Host was out to check on my progress. The Server had already been given the thumbs up. I had already commented on the quality of The Chapatti. The Curry itself was as last night, Seriously Spiced. I was not anticipating too much in Flavour terms yet I was getting a good, Old Fashioned Curry Flavour. You Like it? I was asked. We shall talk when I have finished The Chappatti – was my reply.

No Methi or Coriander was harmed in the creation of this Curry, yet I had to admit I was thoroughly enjoying it. The Seasoning was perhaps what kept the interest. The Lamb was also on the Chewy side, but not so as to spoil the moment.

Mein Host, the Chef, was back. I had to make Positive Noises. I could have found a Restaurant and paid twice as much for half the pleasure.

The Bill

£8.35. Were you not paying attention?

The Aftermath

Mein Host was happy to let me take Photos of the Kitchen and of himself. Then his Colleague wanted in too. A very warm welcome, much appreciated. I was looked after very well, the Curry was Fine. I suspect I shall be back in July after the next Staveley Festival.

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