Yadgar Sparkles!

Following on from last Saturday’s Episode of Curry-Heute, Readers will know that Shkoor from Yadgar (148 Calder St, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) contacted Hector to state that his Humble Establishment now stocks the Liquid Accompaniment of Choice – Sparkling Water. I ordered a bottle of Sparkling Water midweek with some Curry that might be washed down with it. Neil decided that he would accompany, his first sit-in Yadgar Experience.

The rendezvous was 15.00, we were both early. For once Naveed was not on the premises, Ahmed would take care of us. A Vegetable Rice and Two Chapattis were added to the order. The Sparkling Water was ordered, a moment to savour. Mr Arshad, the Chef, was seated, snacking as Ahmed brought the Complementary pre-meal Nibbles. No Starters were ordered, however, the Spicy Salad, Onion Chutney, Poppadoms and Dips were brought out. Neil does not have the biggest of appetites, and so Nibbling was to the fore.

Shkoor arrived. I congratulated him on the quality of the Sparkling Water. Rumour has it the Curry ain’t too shabby here either. Shkoor was introduced to Neil, the man who discovered Yadgar. His visit is therefore long overdue.

The Kilo of Lamb on-the-bone was brought out to the still heaving table. The Lamb was piled high and covered in the unique Yadgar Five Leaf Masala. Spinach may be the dominant Herb, but this is tempered by the presence of what in the past I worked out to be Methi, Coriander and Curry Leaves. The fifth Leaf was a mystery until today, however the top garnish today was Parsley. Bazinga!

The Vegetable Rice was shared. Ahmed brought a second Chapatti and placed on top of the first. Here we go. A Hector sized portion was scooped on to the Rice. Neil took a more modest portion. It is some time since I ordered the Vegetable Rice which never disappoints. Rice and Chapatti can be filling, the objective was to ensure that maximum enjoyment of the Curry could be achieved. There was no doubting the quality of the Lamb, cooked to perfection. The Green Chilli count was significant, this dish had a real Kick. As anticipated, the Spinach was not over dominant, the Herb Balance was perfection, no other establishment known to Hector serves Palak Gosht like this.

Neil was certainly impressed by his first full Yadgar Experience. The Mountain of Curry was more than he could ever manage. When Mr Arshad came out to check on us, the Doggy Bag was mentioned. Too good to let go to waste. In then end Neil left with a very healthy sized portion which he can finish at leisure.

The Bill

£30.00. This appears to be a Flat Fee. Great Food, Great Value. One suspects the Sparkling Water may have been Complementary too.

The Aftermath

The Ally Arms has not been visited for some time. The Fridge was not well stocked, but a new, second Fridge, is due to arrive next week. Here’s hoping.

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3 Responses to Yadgar Sparkles!

  1. kevin says:

    In Glasgow for a wedding Sat night. Took opportunity to visit Yadgar next day. Was not disapointed. Food was tremendous. Nowhere in London or SE can compete with quality of this food. Fish Pakora, Lamb Chops, Goshat Karahi, Mushroom rice…..cannot wait to return.

    Hector replies:

    Welcome to Curry-Heute, Kevin.
    I would like to think you would equally enjoy any of my top recommendations, however, Yadgar is a Special Place.

  2. Archie says:

    Hector, I was in last night, had the Veg Pakora, Palak Goshat, Chapati and can of juice all for a tenner, bargain!

    Actually sat at that seat…spooky!

    Can you remind us about the arrangements for the curry night…where to get tickets etc.

    Cheers Hector


    Hector replies:

    Hi Archie

    Next time phone in advance and order the Goshat Karahi (‘Hector-style’), it is simply the best…
    I have forwarded you Graham’s contact details, hopefully you now have them.
    See you on the Southside…


  3. Neil says:

    An excellent curry indeed and a pleasure to meet Shkoor and his colleagues.

    Hector replies:

    Next time you must have the Goshat Karahi, the Signature Dish.

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