Priyas Palace – Greenock

At some point in the small hours of this morning (Greenwich Meantime) history was made. The Counter on this Website passed the One Million mark. I know this does not mean one million people have visited, it is I believe, more a record of the activity.  Nor has Hector been learning Morse Code in the last three years. That there is an ever expanding number of Curryspondents is more than appreciated. Some keep me right, some make recommendations. It was Curryspondent-James from Kilmalcolm who brought Priyas Palace (2 Robertson St, Greenock, PA16 8DB). He assured me I would be served a Dry Methi Curry.

Standing frozen on a Hockey Pitch this afternoon, Mummified in a Goalie’s Kit, made Hector’s resolve to mark the occasion of the Millionth Click all the more intense. Whilst Marg was handing out Awards, I would go out and discover if anyone was deserving of one.

A twenty minute drive beyond the end of the M8 saw Hector find the venue without too much difficulty, it was hard to miss. Priyas Palace is a massive building which must been something industrial in the past. From the outside it appeared to be closed. A Buddha halfway up the stairs confirmed this was not a chip shop. Where was I going?

Opening a further door revealed a large room. A group of eight sat in a corner, a few more sat on the far side near the window. I was offered a seat in the central area but within full earshot of the group. I would be dealt with by two Waiters. The first, the more mature, handed me the Buffet List and started to go through what was on offer. I asked for the Menu as I was here for a Methi dish in particular. He then described the Lamb Saag Wala as being the same. I put it to him that he was trying to get me to have The Buffet. The Menu was presented. The Young Waiter brought two Poppadoms and an array of Dips, Chutney and Pickle, a good start. In fact one of the Poppadoms had Cumin Seeds, an even better start. He returned to take my order.

The Lamb Methi Saag looked the most Interesting Dish. I was in the mood for something different from Chapattis. Roti were on the Menu (£1.30), I didn’t see Chapattis. There was a choice of Tandoori Paratha or Tawa Paratha, I asked what the difference was. The latter was Deep Fried I was told. No stuffed Paratha was available so I went for the Healthy, Deep Fried option.

I had decided to only eat the Cumin Poppadom. The Platter of Accompaniments featured Lime Pickle, just enough to get the Palate activated.

I had time to further survey the room. I was sat on the edge of the large central area close to the Buffet Platters. A large hatch ran half the length of the room revealing an Open Kitchen behind. The Chef was always in view. I was amused to see him phone the staff at the Counter at one point.

The Buffet List had been left on the table. Six Starters including Vegetable and Chicken Pakora, Chicken Chat, Seekh Kebab, the usual. The type of things that stop one enjoying a Full Curry afterwards. There were three Lamb Dishes, the aforementioned Saag Wala, a Lamb and Spinach Dish obviously. The Lamb Delhi was described as an Authentic Indian Curry, such a thing exists? The Lamb Hyderabadi featured Carmelised Onion and a hint of Cream. Three Lamb Dishes, better than the Average Buffet.  I am tempted to come back here and try the Buffet as the Lamb Dishes are all interesting.  The Chicken Dishes are the usual Korma, Patia…

The Lamb Methi Saag arrived in less time than expected. Now given that they had presumably the Spinach Curry by the Bucket load, was this just the inevitable Tweak? The Curry was piled high, it looked the part. The Thick, Dry Leafy Masala shrouded a good helping of large Chunks of Meat. Again, given the Fibrous nature of the Meat, one had the thought flash through the mind once more, was this really Lamb? There was plenty of it. James had stated that he had tasted Seven Flavours, this may not have been the Dish he was describing. As with Yadgar on Saturday, where I had basically the same order, the Spinach was not too dominant. The expected Blast of Methi did not come. I did find the occasional Clove whose Flavour always bursts on to the palate.

The Paratha was the perfect size, rarely do I finish one. Indeed, the Oil was to the fore, but maybe it should be regarded as a Guilty Pleasure. The meal was indeed enjoyable, however, the Wow Factor was not there. Good, but not outstanding.

The Bill

£12.75. The Sparkling Water was £1.70. The Overall Price, acceptable.

The Aftermath

I presented the Calling Card at the Counter to the Mature Waiter. I asked if I could take a Photo of the room. He went way to find out. Meanwhile I took the Photo. I showed him the Curry-Heute Website on my Trusty Samsung, I don’t think he was that bothered.

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