Keesmann Bock and Curry at Hector’s House

Now That’s What I Call Curry – Vol 2

A Friday Evening Barrel Party? With the majority of us free for an early start, and so few Saturdays not accounted for, this was Hector’s idea, bound to be a success then.

KRK was the Source of the Mutton as ever. Two Kilogrammes for just under £20.00. In addition to the Fresh Ginger, Green Chillies, Coriander and Methi, Hector spotted a new Ingredient – a Jar of Karela Pickle! Hopefully this would give the Achari Effect but maintain the Dry Flavour that I seek and marvel at, and occasionally manage to reproduce.

The Lamb was placed in one Pot along with Vegetable Oil, the Karela Pickle, Garam Masala and some Tamarind Resin that needed using. This was slow cooked for two hours to ensure the Mutton was suitably Tender. Appearing much like Lamb Stew for most of the two hours, when the Liquid did start to Reduce I ended up with something that was definitely Curry-like, I could have served this as was.

The Masala was prepared separately, as I have tended to do in recent months. Hector’s Lamb Curry for Eight gives a parallel account of the proceedings. Following my Own Basic Lamb Bhuna Recipe with of course a few Tweeks, this would make a worthy addition to the Mutton Brew. Methi Seeds and Cumin Seeds were Cracked in the Vegetable Oil along with both Green and Black Cardamoms. Grating Fresh Ginger for Eight Mouths is taxing enough, hence the Two Bags of Frozen Chopped Onions. It may feel like £2.50 well spent, but KRK were offer 5Kg Bags of Onions for £1.50. Added to the normal Spices for the Masala was some Dried Curry Leaves, the whole Bunch of Coriander and the Leaves and Small Stems from the Methi Bunch. Hector likes Herbs in Curry, it’s a Bradford thing…

The entire supply of Potatoes available in Hector’s House was peeled and chopped small, then boiled. There could be no repeat of the Potato disaster of 2011. Fresh Mushrooms were halved. Two Interesting Vegetables should suffice.

When the entire mix looked happy, a carton of Natural Yoghurt was mixed in to improve the Palour add a little more Liquid.

Boiled Rice and Chapattis were served as Accompaniments.

The Verdict

As The Chef I knew what I was trying to create, I believe I got it spot on. There was a Distinctive Tang with the Dry Herb Flavours to the fore. Seven of Eight described the Curry as Very ****. Tracey and Yvonne held up their forks to ask – What is this Vegetable?  The Potatoes were so integral, they had failed to spot them.  No Uncookable Potatoes this time.

Dr. Stan was first to go back for Seconds, so that says it all. The Spice level was on the edge of Craig’s Tolerance Levels, so when he went back for more I knew it had been a success. Tracey marvelled at the Blasts she was getting from the Cumin Seeds. Tracey had a Takeaway too.

The Aftermath

Well the Curry was in the middle of the event. The Keesmann Bock remains sweeter than the halcyon days, but is still an excellent Bier. Once upon a time we described it as The Best Bier on The Planet.

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  1. Howard Young says:

    The curry was excellent and had matured even more the next day when the takeaway was devoured with rice and a shop bought garlic and cheese nan.

    Hector replies:

    Only – Excellent – ?

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