Serious Curry at The New Karahi Palace

Four weeks after the last visit to The New Karahi Palace (51-53 Nelson Street, Glasgow, G5 8DZ) it was time to forgive them for serving Hector a less than Wonderful Curry. Shahed beamed as I walked in, Rasheed the Chef gave his customary modest acknowledgement. I told Shahed straight away that my last Curry had not impressed, tonight I needed something much better. We agreed upon Lamb Karahi served as Dry as they could.

It is after 21.00 and it is still daylight outside. I closed the door which had been wedged open, it may be the end of April however the temperature has not risen. It still feels like winter. A new Waiter was dealing with the upstairs, though I don’t think there was much activity in the Restaurant proper.

Shahed placed the customary Salad and Raita on the table. This would keep me amused, the Trusty Samsung was running dry very quickly, the back-up charger did nothing, bin it. Rasheed was working his magic, I was presented with a Karahi containing Lamb Chops and Boneless Lamb. Copious Fresh Ginger strips and Fresh Green Chillies covered the Dark, Dry Masala. This looked wonderful, would it have – The Taste?

The Kick was immense, this Curry was not for the faint of heart. Hector was hungry and the first of two Chapattis was skilfully used to cradle the Meat. Standards and Expectations are high. This was a Curry way better than that served in a Mainstream Restaurant but perhaps still did not have the – Wow – that this venue normally achieves. I should have asked for extra Fresh Methi. Served anywhere else and I would be writing a rave revue.

The Pleasure Rating was high, but….

The Bill

£8.70. Bradford Prices!

The Aftermath

The Laurieston was able to provide a charger, service. Marg was summoned, Jonathan arrived, Dr. Stan did not. Now where had we been that had us out this late on a Saturday?


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