A word from Ahmed in Islamabad…

Shkoor is here …. so we got together for a Karahi in Faisalabad, a three and a half hour drive from Islamabad.

The venue was “Pehelwan Karahi at Chowk Ghanta Ghar (The Wrestler’s Karahi at the Clock Tower). As is always the case at such places the “menu” is displayed “upfront” and customers can choose their favorite cuts. The three of us ordered two kilos of chops and thigh meat accompanied by tandoori roti, a green salad and raita.

Preparation time was one hour. They use a fair bit of onions with tomatoes in the sauce with a choice of red chili powder, green chilies or black pepper.

Half an hour later an empty karahi and a pile of bones.

Saturday is election day in Pakistan. Another Karahi planned for Monday.

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3 Responses to A word from Ahmed in Islamabad…

  1. Neil says:

    Thanks Ahmed. Great restaurant name again and great story. Ours are boring in comparison. Food sounds tremendous too,

  2. Ahmed says:

    @Neil: I think you missed the trip to “Charsi Tikka” in Peshawar

  3. Neil says:

    “The Wrestler’s Karahi At The Clock Tower”. We should have restaurant names like that. Food looks good too.

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