Home Cooked Prawn Curry

A Tale of Two Ingredients

The Standard Masala was prepared as features in Hector’s normal Curry Making however two variations were available this evening.

Curryspondent Archie supplied Hector with a Portion of Garam Masala specially prepared in a Pollokshields Grocer. This became the Dominant Spice added to the Mix. On my last visit to KRK, supplier of Curry Ingredients to Hector, I picked up a tub of Karela Pickle. This has to become a new Standard Ingredient. Uncooked Jumbo Prawns felt like the perfect Meat to sample this combination.

Marg has been less than hungry for the past few days and so a minimal portion was dished. Hector had his usual.

Marg gasped on her first taste, the Kick was beyond what she was expecting. Was this down to the New Garam Masala? My turn. Indeed there was a significant Kick but it was not OTT. Archie, I shall experiment more. The Karela Pickle was used sparingly so as not to take over the entire creation. In future I will cut the pieces up even smaller, but the anticipated Dry and Tangy Flavour emerged very quickly. This was a modest success.

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  1. Archie says:

    Still experimenting myself Hector. I had the same experience at first but have used various methods (most recently yoghurt!) to calm the initial taste down a bit. Have also found that it tastes better the next day.

    That looked like a nice table of food in the Punjabi Charing Cross.

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