The Indian Cottage – Rasoi no more…

Dr. Rick had secured a place in the Curry-Heute Diary, tonight was Curry Night. The Plan was to rendezvous at Bier O’clock in The 3 Judges then move on to The Village. By the time Dr. Stan and Steve had joined us The Plan was evolving. There would be no Subway Ride, instead we crossed the road to a New Glasgow Curry house – the Indian Cottage (120 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6NY). Hector had spotted this Venue in passing last Sunday. I thought this was in addition to the Rasoi Indian Kitchen, alas it turned out to be the same premises. Open a mere four weeks, the room has been given quite a makeover, very bright now and definitely No Tablecloths!

The Waiter was the same Chap who had served us last September in the previous incarnation. Poppadoms were brought along with Onion Chutney and a Dip. He suggested The Buffet, I insisted on The Menu. The Poppadoms would be inclusive – he stated. But aren’t they anyway? – I asked. Dr. Stan still considered The Buffet. In the end we had all found something to our liking and so were ready to order. The Methi Gosht would be Hector’s choice with Chapattis (£1.50). A Side of Mixed Indian Vegetable Curry.

The Delightful Doris now took charge and offered us The Buffet once more. She then recited all of the available Dishes. Most were Chicken and typical of a Buffet, what The Mainstream may accept, but not We The Chaps. It was then suggested we could order anything off The Menu and pay The Buffet price, now we’re talking. This is a policy I would like to see more readily on offer. There is a Physical Limit as to how much one can eat anyway, how many can eat a Starter and finish all of their Main with Accompaniments?

The Hector Choice was given. Dr. Rick and Steve both ordered Lamb Karahi, Dr. Stan had found Methi Keema. We would be brought Starters and what was not our Mains could be taken from The Buffet, an excellent compromise. We felt we were on to a good thing here. Doris returned a few moments later and asked – Is your Methi Gosht to be Lamb or Chicken? Does Gosht not mean Lamb? I responded. Hector was given a ribbing by his Fellow Diners, arrogant or what? This is not the first time I have been asked this question, the answer remains the same.

More Dips were brought, more Poppadoms offered but declined. Two Bowls of Garlic Mushroom were put out before the always impressive Sizzling Platters were set before us. We had a Feast, time to tuck in.

Two pieces per platter of Vegetable Pakora, Potato Fritter (Pakora), Chicken Tikka (well almost), and Chicken Chat made up each Platter. These were devoured, it appears we were hungry. Everything had been brought Fresh which is better than any Buffet. Whilst we all enjoyed what we consumed, nobody had found any distinctive Flavours worth remarking on. Maybe this is why we eat Curry?

More Starters were offered, but we know better than to overload on these. We were here for The Curry.

Dr. Stan’s Methi Keema appeared first. It looked Wonderful. With no Masala to speak of, this was the ultimate Dry Curry Experience. The Flecks of Methi were visible in the Light Coloured Lamb Mince. I was permitted a Sample. We both agreed it was Very Good but with even more Methi it would have been Stunning.

The two Karahi Dishes arrived next. Far too Soup-like for my liking. And full of the nasty Green Ballast that is too common. (I had asked for none in my Dish.) Both Dr. Rick and Steve found the Capsicum to be excessive, it’s the Meat we want, not the Filler. The Lamb was of the highest Quality, very Tender. Again the Curry was enjoyed, The Wow was not evident.

The Methi Gosht impressed on arrival. With a much Thicker Masala than the Karahi this was most appetising.

I had asked for extra Methi, perhaps this had thickened the Masala. At first I thought the Seasoning was Perfect but it appeared to vary as I ate. The Lamb was Superb, cooked to Perfection. Again this was a Very Good Curry, very enjoyable, but no Wow.

The Mixed Vegetable Curry provided the necessary distraction but had no real Flavour. The Vegetable Curry at Yadgar has set The Standard. To attain a place on Hector’s Recommend Curry Houses, The Wow Factor has to be achieved.

That everything was being photographed is always noticed when so few other Diners are present. I offered an explanation now or later. When Doris asked me directly if the photos were for me. I gave her The Calling Card and explained I had a Website. The Cat was out The Bag.

Pieces of Sliced Nan were in the Buffet Container, we had emptied this. More, Freshly Cooked Nan was brought. The Staff could have done no more to make our visit Special, but then they did.

We were invited to visit the Desserts. We declined. We eat Curry. In the end Dr. Rick went to investigate, he returned with Profiteroles. Doris then offered us a Drink, On The House. Steve and Hector took Brandy, Dr. Stan – Tea, and Dr. Rick – Coffee. Much appreciated.

The Bill

£51.85. We could have eaten more. The Bill would have been the same. This was excellent Value. With a Bar Bill of £12.00, how much was the Sparkling Water?

The Aftermath

We left feeling well-fed. Good Service, Good Food, I shall certainly return. The Methi Keema is worth further examination.

And so we descended into The Subway after all. The rest of The Chaps were at The Laurieston.

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  1. Doug says:

    Definitely no tablecloths !. I must need new specs as I could swear I can see tablecloths in the pics. Ah weel I’m away to have black puddings and tattie scones for breakfast. Or is it a white puddin. Should have gone to SpecSavers.

    Hector replies:

    Definitely no Tablecloths! Except for the ones covering the Tables!
    (I have added a link to explain this Specsavers conundrum.)

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