Curry Pot, Partick – Cheap and Very Cheerful

139 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, G11 6PR is an address which is legendary in the History of Hector’s Curry Eating. This could well be one of the oldest Curry Takeaway Venues in the City. I know it dates back to 1974. That summer I started working in Wilson’s Bar (James D. Wilson, now Tony Macaroni) and continued to do so on and off for the next three years. Tea Break meant Food, Food meant Curry, at least once a week. The nearest venue was next door to what is now the 3 Judges (Bennet’s/Tower Bar). The 1970’s Staple Curry – Meat and Mushroom Bhuna Vindaloo was the usual order.  I think I ordered my first and last ever Biryani from these premises.

Thirty Nine Years Later

Curry Pot is the current business operating from this address. It became more than just another Takeaway when three tables were set up on the small floor area in front of the Counter and a Bench placed at the Window. I made my first entrance last Saturday to check how late they opened. Tonight was really what I had in mind. As Dr. Stan disappeared after our day in Musselburgh, I ended up eating earlier than planned.

The Charming Young Lady serving accepted that I would not be ordering from the Menu. She summoned Mein Host who was sitting at the Window with his Laptop. A Lamb Methi (Dry) Bhuna (No Capsicum) was agreed upon. How Hot? Medium with a Kick. I asked how big the Chapattis are, one would suffice.

The Bill

£6.80. A very Modest Sum, but then this is a Curry Café at the absolute basic end of the Market. No Drink was offered, none was asked for.

In a major departure from the norm, I offered the Calling Card to Mein Host. Surely he would have a look at Curry-Heute?

The Meal came, a Decent Sized Portion with Seven Pieces of Lamb and a Good Sized Chapatti. The meaning of Dry had become lost in translation. At least the Masala had a Thick-ish consistency. The Lamb was on the Chewy side of Tender but I had no problems with it. The need for More Seasoning was obvious. Mein Host asked if I was enjoying the Curry. Indeed I was. This was a Perfectly Competent and Enjoyable Curry.

Another Chap must have thought so too, clearly a Regular, he sat at the opposite wall and was enjoying himself. Meanwhile I finished off and approached the window.

The Aftermath

Mein Host had the Curry-Heute Website up, we went through quite a few places. That Yadgar remains my Favourite in Glasgow had to be mentioned. We had a good long chat about Curry. The word Karra as told to me some years back re Seasoning was mentioned. PJ may have been winding me up as nobody else appears to know this term. He suggested Kora.

A Photo of Mein Host was agreed upon, I even managed to get The Chef too.

A thoroughly pleasant Meal, a warm welcome. Much appreciated.

There was a Final Pint in the Judges and chat with a Chap from Huntly. No lift home, Marg is in Dublin. Pity, she would have been amused at me spouting knowledge of Aberdeenshire.

Another memory from the 1970s…

Bored with Rice I tried buying Fritters from the local Chips Shop. Curry and Fritters. An early attempt at fining An Interesting Vegetable?

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