A Yadgar Celebration – #50 Blog Entry!

And then there were three, A Fishy Tale

To mark the occasion of the Fiftieth Blog Entry on Curry-Heute for The Yadgar Kebab House (148 Calder St., Govanhill, G42 7QP), and the first venue to achieve this, there had to be a Special Curry.

This is also the perfect time to show appreciation for the Excellent Food and Personal Service that Mr Anwar Sr, Shkoor, Naveed, Ahmed and the Chefs – Mr Shah and Mr, Arshad, have served up in the three years I have been visiting these premises.  Yadgar may have to close temporarily in the near future as the Building is Redeveloped.  Perhaps the Interior may be further enhanced?

Communication Breakdown

Arriving a few minutes after the scheduled 18.00 booking, the first thing Hector had to do was apologise to Shkoor that we would only be Three Diners, Food had been ordered for Four.  The Phantom Fourth Diner was actually present. Eh?

Dr. Rick and Dr. Stan are now Old Hands at Being Fed at Yadgar. Hector had a Cunning Plan. It took a week to arrange but a Machi Karahi had never been considered. Perhaps this was brought on by the Plethora of Lamb consumed in Tunisia in the last fortnight. Shkoor had assured Hector that he would personally oversee the Sourcing of the Fish. We are used to the Excellent Scottish Cod, served in Foil that we have as a Starter, this would surely be something truly different. With Fish as The Main, we would need Meat to Start. Hector has never had a Chapli Kebab at Yadgar, tonight would be the night.

Having taken our seats, Ahmed was straight over with a plate of Ice. Ice? Yes, Dear Reader, it is that warm in Glasgow. The Jug of Water was dispatched and the Rubicon Mango further chilled. Shkoor took the remaining order himself. We would each have a Chapli, Hector would have the Vegetable Rice and the Two Doctors would stick with the usual Chapattis.

The Complementary Poppadoms, Spiced Onion and Dips were divvied up. Three Chapli Kebabs arrived in good time. This may be a Chicken-based Starter, however, the Herb content was sufficient to make a Tasty overall experience.

Three Chaps were aghast when Shkoor brought the largest Karahi ever brought to a table. The Photograph should surely capture the moment. A Solo Diner came over to witness The Event.  I bet he comes back.

There was a mass of Cod sitting in the Classic Yadgar Masala. I took half of the Vegetable Rice and passed on the rest. The Chaps took some and then there was the Ritual Dip of The Chapatti whilst Hector wielded a Fork, here we go.

The Taste of Fish in a Curry is always Powerful. The Masala matched it perfectly. This was a combination that Hector should have enquired about long ago. The Vegetable Rice also did its bit to add to the overall pleasure. The Varied Textures of the vegetables and their individual Flavours, especially the slight sweetness from the Carrots had the Hector going. Another First Class Curry Moment.

Shkoor threatened not to let us leave the building until we had finished. I boldly predicted we would manage. This quantity of Lamb would have beaten us, Fish is much lighter, but even Dr. Stan remarked on the fact he was filling up. Dr. Rick too was probably considering the asymptotes of his intake. His verdict went along the following – Swimming in a well mixed Masala accentuated by the Fresh Ginger, Onion and Coriander. The Tender Fish left you eating to get The Taste, ignoring the fact that your stomach wanted to stop ages ago.

Dr. Stan described his Cod Steaks Curry – Chunky bits of Cod in a Full, Rich, Spicy Sauce.

How is it? Asked Shkoor on another visit to check on our progress.

Fit enough to mark The Occasion – was Hector’s reply.

Mr. Arshad, The Chef popped out from the kitchen. I caught his eye and verified that this Karahi was his creation. I invited him over to be photographed.

Shkoor had also suggested a Cake to mark the occasion. Who could have eaten it? The offer was appreciated but declined.

We come for The Curry!

The Bill

We had ordered for Four, we paid for Four. Regular Readers will know what we paid.

The Aftermath

Three Beds would have been appreciated at this point. We gathered ourselves and gave our thanks as we left. And so to the City Centre with the Sun still blazing.

Glasgow is having a Summer.

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  1. ahmed says:

    Chicken is tasteless. Beef has flavor.

    Hector replies:

    And don’t we know it…

  2. Ahmed says:

    Happy 50th. May you have many more.

    By the way REAL Chapli Kababs are beef only, shallow fried in lard. See some authentic ones being made:

    Chicken in oil ????

    Hector replies:

    With Chicken, what’s the difference?

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