Cafe Salma, The Last Supper – Farewell to Hassan

So Long, and Thanks for The Machi

John emailed late last week to inform me he had heard that Hassan was moving back to Morocco. Angus emailed last evening to give the definitive report that Café Salma (523 Sauchiehall St, G3 7PQ) would cease operation on Thursday, this very week. Lunchtime today is the only time I could fit in a Final Curry at Café Salma.

Marg and Hector had their first Café Salma Experience on April 8, 2010. This would become the very first Curry-Heute Blog entry for Glasgow. The welcome was Warm, the Food Excellent, today would mark the 36th Curry-Heute at Café Salma.

It was more in hope than expectation that I found Hassan and his Dear Lady on duty this lunchtime.

I approached the Counter where Hassan was standing.

How are You? asked Hassan. I raised a Handkerchief to my right eye and made an Exaggerated Dab. – Is it true?

A Couple sitting in the window seat called across – We are here for the same reason.

Describing my schedule for the rest of the week, I explained that this visit was the only time I could make The Last.

The Last Supperexclaimed Hassan as he took the order.

I have been trying to visit Café Salma and  have the wonderful Ravi Machi for weeks, sadly it was not to be.

The Fish comes in a Box, I wasn’t ordering a new Box for the Last Days – said Hassan. And so the Signature Dish it was The Lamb Lahori Karahi, Medium, with a Kick. The Excellent Vegetable Rice would accompany.

Marg has had the Kofta Bhuna here before and so this, and a Chapatti, was her order.

We munched on the Complementary Poppadoms, Spiced Onion and Dips whilst we waited.

And so Hassan brought the Curry for the Last Time.

Today there will be no Review of the Food. We were here to say – Au Revoir.

As we finished Hassan asked if we wished Dessert. He then described to a Chap waiting at the Counter how over the last few years Dr. Stan and I have ordered a Kofta Palak (to share) as a Dessert. If one has room for Dessert, then have more Curry! has been Hector’s Philosophy for long enough.

Hassan is moving back to Casablanca, his plan is to open a Guest House and Restaurant in Marrakesh. He will strip the building of many of its Fittings and take the better machines to Morocco. He explained that he had found No Buyer. You are the Business – has been the attitude of the Prospective Buyer. If you go, The Business Goes.                  True.

Hassan and his Excellent range of Curry Dishes will be greatly missed.

Maybe, one day in Marrakesh.

So long, and thanks for The Machi.

The Bill

£25.00. Good value to the very end.

The Aftermath

A Future King was born on this very day.

Meanwhile, Katie was labouring late afternoon at The Staggs (Musselburgh) pouring Green Devil for Robin and Hector.

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  1. Neil says:

    What a shame that Café Salma will soon feature in the ‘Gone but not forgotten’ section.

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