Indian Mango, München #1 – The Couples Trip

One used to come to München for the Bier, Since Steve discovered the Indian Mango some five years ago it is very much Curry and Bier. Steve and Hector arrived late last evening, Two of Eight in The Couples’ Trip. Somehow there was no time to eat, so regular readers will know what is coming.

There was a Swift Half at the Hofbräukeller located across the Isar and then back towards Isartor and the Indian Mango (Zweibrückenstrasse 15, 80331, München). It is the Indian Mango that partly inspired Hector to have a German word in the Blog name. Finally, there was Wonderful Curry to be found in Deutschland.

Germany is having a summer this year, last year they missed out. The windows had been pushed back to permit people to sit in or out. We chose in, the healthy option. The Young Waiter recognised Hector as he entered, not bad given that the last visit was in November. Chef Batra was on duty behind the Counter in the Open Kitchen, he was busy, engrossed. The Lunchtime Menu was dismissed though the majority of the customers had taken the offer. One can tell, the Curry arrives on the plate, Half Curry, Half Rice. The Lesser Curry was also Swimming in Masala. Business was booming. Fisch Chettinad is not on the Main Menu, it was first experienced from the Specials Board which was not visible today. I asked – No Problem. Steve went for the Lamm Chettinad which is on the Menu, and a Nan. Boiled Rice is inclusive.

Half of the Sparkling Water had gone by the time the aroma of Fish filled the Restaurant. We sat right beside the Cooking Area, Hot Work for the Chef. One of us had ordered Bier. It was possibly now warmer inside than out. Mr. Jolly Kunjappu, owner of the Indian Mango, and Famous Percussionist, Philosopher, and Lecturer for Price Waterhouse Cooper, was on the premises. He drifted in and out, no recognition, yet.

When did Steve last look at Curry-Heute?

The Plates were presented which intrigued Steve. He was used to his Curry being brought on the Plate. When did they introduce this? Steve decided to consult a well-known Curry-Website to establish when the more traditional style of bringing Curry and Rice began.

Two Bowls of Boiled Rice accompanied two Bowls of the Driest Curry Hector has seen in months. Both looked Stunning, the Quantity Daunting, even for a Hungry Hector. The Aroma from the Fisch Chettinad was Powerful. The presence of Fish was most apparent. The Dark Red Chillies that Hector associates with South Indian Curry gave off a Smoky Flavour. The Gritty Texture that is the Signature of this Dish came from the Herbs, possibly Coriander Stalks and Chopped Green Chillis. The Masala, what there was of it was packed with Flavour. Even the Fresh Tomatoes had been given a New Dimension.

The Fish itself was Delightful, cooked to perfection. Rick Stein has never been here, I bet. The Kick was immense, the Seasoning bang on. The Complexity of the Flavours truly Magnificent. The Top Palate and the Lips were in Full Pleasure Mode. It was a Hot Day, one can imagine the Side Effects, a Dab of the Forehead.

Eating this Curry is an Absolute Joy, one of the Best Curry Experiences there is.

Meanwhile across the table, Steve was making many positive noises. His Lamb equivalent was also very Dry and Dark. He described his Curry as – Intense. Steve was trying to work out if he had ever eaten better here, in the end he declared that –  this Lamm Chettinad was the best I have ever eaten at (Indian) Mango. By this time Hector knew what his Second Curry of the day would be. There was always going to be a Second Curry-Heute.

Chef Batra came out to ask if the Chettinad were up to standard. He had spotted me after-all. Congratulations were offered, he knows how good this Dish is.

Our Waiter had disappeared momentarily so I asked the New Waitress for The Bill.

The Bill

€36.15. The Chettinad Dishes are the most expensive on the Menu. For once, the Fish was slightly cheaper.  Still the Prices are within Acceptable Parameters.

The Aftermath

I gave the Waitress the Calling Card and asked her to give it to The Boss. Curry-Heute – she said. Herr Kunjappu was by now seated at the rear of the Restaurant engrossed in conversation. He came across immediately. My Daughter reads your Website and tells me everything. Was the Waitress his Daughter, possibly, but we didn’t interrupt the flow of conversation. I introduced Steve and related how he had spent a Month in München and ended up eating here every day. The Fisch Chettinad was discussed – Nearly my Mother’s Recipe – was his new admission. Jolly is well aware of just how good his Curry is compared to the other Indian Restaurants in München, for the record I have tried four others. With time in München always limited, there is no point messing about, simply head here. (Except over the New Year period)

We are coming back tonight, I need to have the Lamm Chettinad.

I shall be here, we shall drink Schnapps.

End of Part 1


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