Indian Mango, München #2

Hector and Steve had been to three Kellers by the time it agreed that the second Curry-Heute was due. We had paced ourselves well, the Healthy Lunch had helped too. The S Bahn took us the few stops from the stowed Augustiner Keller to Isartor and the Indian Mango (Zweibrückenstrasse 15, 80331, München). The Restaurant was much quieter than at Lunchtime. Arriving forty five minutes before closing time we were given the warmest of Welcomes. The Waitress, Anzina, now knew us, and we her. Mr Kunjappu chatted away whilst Steve studied the Menu. He took advice from the Maestro himself as to what would be a complement to the Chettinad. Bindi Gosht it was then. Glasgow and Bradford came up in the conversation.

It’s Mick Jagger’s Birthday today, said Jolly. Is he not from Bradford?

I thought he was from London.

A newspaper was brought over, – Ah Dartford. Steve, a not untalented Musician himself was keen to ask Jolly about his Music. I played on It’s only Rock’n’Roll, but… He spoke about Keith Richards in the highest of terms. Unfortunately Jolly had to leave us in the middle of our Culinary Extravaganza, his Wife had arrived to take him home. So it goes.

Oh, You’re Scottish!

An Austrian Couple were saying their Goodbyes, the last diners apart from ourselves. Suddenly they were over talking to us, well the Mature Lady was in particular.

My Daughter studied in England but went to Scotland and found everyone so friendly, and she could understand them.

So where is she now? I asked.

The Punchline to this story cannot be printed – on application only.

Anzina, the Waitress first met this afternoon, brought the Curry, she was beaming. Respect for two Curry Enthusiasts returning as promised? By now we had made a new friend. She is not The Daughter but a Languages Student from Mauritius. This Lady will go far.

So when will Miss Kunjappu contact Hector?

The Lamm Chettinad was markedly different from the Fish. Steve and I agreed on the simple fact that Fish adds Flavour to a Dish, Lamb takes the Flavour from the Masala. The Lamb was suitably Tender and again in sufficient quantity.

 The Onions were Caramelised giving a much Sweeter overall Flavour to the Dish. Once again The Kick was appreciable and the Gritty Texture to the fore. The same, but different. The Fish has the edge over the Lamb, IMHO.

Steve’s Bindi Gosht had significantly more Masala than the Chettinad but was in no way Soupy. I can’t even describe this. Was Steve’s opening remark. The Okra, the Vegetables, the Taste, Delicious, Spicy – as he ate heartily. That was just Perfect, Fine, a Fair Old Kick.

Another impressive Indian Mango Curry.

The Bill

€26.90. This is less than at Lunchtime, The Drinks were On the House.

The Aftermath

Anzina cleared the table apart from the remaining Sparkling Water and the Helles. Chef Batra came and sat with us. Anzina brought the Schnapps. We settled down to discuss my favourite topic – Curry. We discussed the Ingredients that go to make a Curry Special. Tamarind, Methi and of course Karela. I described how I first encountered Karela at the New Karahi Palace and assumed it was a spelling variation, not then knowing about The Bitter Vegetable.

Batra was keen to point out his contribution in what makes the Chettinad Dishes stand out. Proud of his creations, he brought out the photos of his previous places of employment. I never did establish what brought him to Deutschland. He was also keen to mention his Brother who has cooked for Tony Blair. Hopefully Batra will stay at Mango for the foreseeable. Anzina has promised to be still working at Indian Mango when I return in October. We shall see.

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