Erlangen – The Curry House – Visit #3

What would any sane person do before heading to a Bier Festival? Have a Curry!

Steve was amenable to a Curry-Heute Experience in Erlangen before partly retracing our steps back to Forchheim for the Penultimate Day of Annafest 2013. I won’t even mention the possibility of re-visiting the Bamberg Swarg. Why somebody has not opened a rival to this very poor venue one does not know. Perhaps the good People of Bamberg have been put off Curry by what is served up.

The Curry House (Helmstrasse 11, 91054, Erlangen, Bayern) opens daily at 11.00. It is located little more than one hundred metres from the Bahnhof, one cannot miss it. On A Sunday lunchtime one would expect the place to be quiet, it was, though two Fellow Currynaughts did have their Spice Fix.

In a decidedly Cafe-Style, one approaches the Counter to make one’s selection. Hector spotted two Dark and Meaty Dishes. Mein Host was keen to explain one was Lamm Curry, the other Karahi. The Lamm Karahi was Spicy!  The Lamb slots gave way to the Vegetable options and so I spotted Daal Makhani on the right of the Display. A Small Portion of Daal Makhani please, in addition to the Lamm Karahi. The Meals are served with Boiled Rice and a token piece of Poppadom.

The Bill

€15.60. This was paid individually and in advance. The Sparkling Water was included in this price. Hector was not tempted to have a Bottle of Gutmann Weizen. How many Curry Houses on the Planet can boast that they sell this wonderful Bier?

I decided to play The Calling Card early. On my first visit it was stuck on the wall at the till. Last year who knows if it saw the light of day again? Mein Host today was most keen having taken us through his Dishes and Steve ordering the same as Hector. Two Chaps who know their Curry?

We chose a seat far away from the portable Air Conditioning Unit, why? It would only be 34ºC today, much less than yesterday’s 35ºC. Loading up the Trusty Samsung I sat down beside Mein Host who was in front of this Mechanical Wonder. He dismissed the Bamberg Outlet, had not heard of München’s Indian Mango, but was impressed by the array of places visited.

We were called back to the Counter to collect our Meals. The Chaps behind the Counter in Open Kitchen had been busy.

The Daal Makhani was thankfully served in a separate small Platter. The bit of Poppadom was used to scoop this up. This was as good as any Daal Makhani as I have tasted, Earthy and Creamy. As regular readers know, this Side Dish was first experienced last year in this very Country.

Now for The Karahi

Extra Fresh Tomatoes, Onion and Three Colours of Capsicum had been added to what we had chosen. Despite the fact that the Curry was on the same plate as the Rice, one could immediately see that this was a very Large Portion. The Lamb was in Huge Chunks but was thoroughly Tender. Having seen it earlier there is no way this Lamb had just met the Masala, this must make a serious difference to any Curry. The Masala was on the Thin side and had a dominant Flavour which took Hector back in time. Very 1960’s – 1970’s with one suspects Curry Powder to the fore. Not Curry Powder?

The Fresh Tomatoes stood out as a Positive Addition. Steve and Hector both piled the Capsicum on the side. The Rice was used to soak up the Masala, no way could it ever be finished, on a Sunday at 13.15? I had warned Steve about the Salt content, it has been on the limits of the tolerable on my two previous visits. Today Salt was not an issue, the Curry had been well seasoned as one always hopes for.

Steve was not taken with the Daal, his first encounter. He remarked on the Size of the Lamb Chunks positively but found there to be too many Added Vegetables, especially The Peppers. Overall a Reasonable Curry.

Mein host was leaving, before doing so he checked up on us.

Not too Spicy?

Impossible – was the reply. I must stop this, one day…

He promised to study the Curry-Heute website further.

One is not claiming that what is served at the Erlangen Curry House is in any way outstanding. It is Good, Honest Curry cooked in the Traditional way.  In Deutschland one cannot always assume that this will be the case.

More Photos were taken of the surroundings. The Assistant Chef was keen to tell me that his Elder was the Main Chef, cue another Photo.

Hopefully I shall return in October.

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