Lunchtime at The Himalaya, Ulm – Baden-Württemberg

Ulm, the Last Day of this Deutches-Tour, Hector has resolved to finally have a Cooked German Dinner. This has been avoided throughout, the thought of blaahhhnndddd…..

So, there has to be Curry-Heute for Lunch.

The Himalaya (Marktplatz 5, 89073, Ulm, Baden-Württemberg) was not Hector’s first choice of Restaurant. The Anondo just behind the Ibis was a Classic Back-Street Curry House of the Genre preferred by The Curry Hound. Alas, they are having their Summer Vacation. Holidays? People have far too many Holidays!

Marktplatz is right in the Centrum behind the Münster, easy to find, adjacent to the Rathaus even. A Lunchtime Buffet was advertised, not for Hector. A Chap who could have been Mein Host pointed to a small Table right behind the Buffet. He insisted I have the English Menu even though I assured him all the Curry names are the same on a German one. That was the last I saw of him.

I was dealt with by a rather Sullen Chap for the duration. The Menu was not Extensive, Bakra Bhuna looked the best option. Beef and Duck were available as well as Lamb. I asked for it to be served with Minimal Masala. The Chap remained motionless and expressionless, and wrote next to nothing down. Oh, well then.

A 0.4l Glass of Sparkling Water would set me back €2.30. I am not in Bayern, Glasses are Smaller.

About ten people were having the Buffet, one Chap remarked to The Waiter that the Curry, the Lamb Vindaloo I discovered later, was Zehr Scharf. Perhaps it was.

The Restaurant had seating out the back in a small Square, we were all inside, seated on the same raised area. That’s how they must like it.

In no time at all, The Waiter brought a Massive Plate of Boiled Rice and a Decent Sized portion of Curry. Half the Rice would have been sufficient.

The Lamb was Plentiful and Very Tender. The Masala was a Classic Curry Masala, Onion Based, not the Thickest but looked the part.

It looked like Curry, smelled like Curry, it was Curry! Not the Spiciest by any means, there was an OK Kick, just. The Seasoning was exactly right, the Pleasures of eating Curry revealed themselves. The occasional Ginger Matchstick gave a Blast, the included Vegetables were Fresh Tomatoes, Onion and Green Capsicum. The latter was not on the List of ingredients in the Menu. I made a small Pile on the Serving Dish, eight pieces in all, why?

Fortunately the Quantity of Lamb was such that this was never an issue. The Taste of the Lamb itself was most evident.

This Lamb Curry was as good as anything served in the UK in a Curry Buffet and as good as some of the Curry Cafés I have frequented. I would have to give the Himalaya the Thumbs-Up. If there’s a next time I would ask for the Curry to be Spicier.

The Bill

€15.20. Par for the course, Reasonable.

The Aftermath

I withheld the Calling Card until the cash transaction was completed. Same Waiter, I was expecting little. Instead he livened up. This may have been the most interesting moment of his shift.

These are all Indian Restaurants? You have been to all of these?

He was almost animated.


Wiener Schnitzel, back to Basics, about the only German Dish I can work up some enthusiasm for these days.

Marg is taking Hector for a Charing Cross Curry tomorrow, One Venue Less to choose from. Cafe Salma was open when I left.

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