Sheerin Palace, Glasgow – A Hector@Curry-Heute Recommendation

Today’s Saturday Ritual Curry-Heute was a No-Brainer. After the superb Curry Discussion at Shimla Pinks (Stirling) on Wednesday night, it had to be the Sheerin Palace (300 Allison St, Glasgow, G42 8HQ). Kofta-Egg at the Sheerin Palace had been firmly planted in the mind of Hector. Hardly Subliminal.

As is the style at the Sheerin Palace, the Dishes on offer were on display. The Array was what Hector has come to expect, but still no repeat of Quail since my first visit. Maybe they will contact me next tome they are serving it? The Kofta-Egg sitting in its Classic Red-Oily Masala was ordered first. Last time Howard and Hector shared a Fish Dish also. This was available but the Potato and Aubergine looked like a New Experience – Today’s Interesting Vegetable. A Half-Portion please. One Chapatti should be sufficient, they are Large.

Helping myself to the – Southside drink-of-choice – Mango Rubicon, I sat to the left of six tables. Two other Diners were present, two more would arrive.

Mein Host for the day brought a Modest Salad, Raita, a Jug of Water and a Glass. He also provided Cutlery and enough Napkins to wipe, whatever. Hector was all set.

The Salad was Fresh and Crispy, at first I thought it was the Raita but then concluded the Fresh Onion was giving – The Kick. No sooner had this consideration been formulated when the Food arrived. No need to fear that the Main Constituents had just met the Masala, WYSIWYG.

Four Good-Sized Kofta Balls and a single Egg made the Portion. My last Kofta (Dundee) was not strong on the Taste Front, these had it. The Masala as I have written too often for this Venue was as well established as Stonehenge, good, Old-Fashioned Flavours. The first Dip of the Mammoth Chapatti soaked in enough Masala to make me wonder why I have not been here for eighteen months. Under-seasoned was also noted, however this viewpoint was soon revised.

The Potato-Aubergine Curry  is now reported as Aubergine-Potato, the latter was sadly lacking. Tomato and Onion also featured in this Vegetable Curry Mash, Earthy, as I like it. As a stand alone Dish this would not have been satisfying, as a Complement it defined the term. Some of the Aubergine found its way into the Masala, now we are talking. Between the Chapatti, the Aubergine, the Kofta, the Egg and the Masala the Balance of Seasoning reached True Perfection. The Overall Flavours were not necessarily at – The Wow – level, or were they? The Meal was Thoroughly Enjoyed.

I thought of The Fish sitting not ordered, uneaten but then thought better.

Not the Biggest of Portions, but Bigger than Tapas Restaurants, a Happy Medium? It’s best to come here and order more than one Dish. The Bill reveals all.

The Bill

£8.20. Rounded down to £8.00.   At this price, Everyone can eat here Everyday.

The Aftermath

I wasn’t sure if the two more mature Chaps I had spotted were familiar. The Young Chap who had served so capably throughout was who I was dealing with.

I should come here more often – I stated as I approached the Counter to pay.

The Calling Card was handed over, for the fifth time. My visits have been sporadic.

Ah, Hector, I read your articles.

After Five Visits, the Sheerin Palace deserves promotion to my list of Recommended Curry Houses.

In the weeks of my Summer Vacation I have posted many new Venues, perhaps it is time for Hector to get back to basics. I feel the Southside Curry Cafés are all due for another visit.

But… watch out for a Surprise Mid-Week Curry Heute…

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