Comedy of Errors at Stereo, plus a First Visit to Spice of the City – Glasgow

Life in the Land of Ghosts and Time There Was

It was a long day. The Monthly Trip to The Staggs in Musselburgh meant that Hector was not back in Glasgow until after Comedy of Errors were due on stage. It was just after 20.30 when I entered Stereo in Renfield Lane. Nobody at a desk, no tickets required. Free Entry!

The Band were some twenty minutes into their Ninety Minute Set which featured a cross section of the current album Fanfare & Fantasy released earlier this year, plus Disobey which is now a couple of years old. I had just missed The Student Prince Parts 2 and 3, I would discover later when they closed the set with Part 1. Having only heard Fanfare & Fantasy a few times I cannot say I have been particularly grabbed by it, however Live…! The blend of New and Nearly New kept the Gig going at a good pace. Hopefully Joe Cairney will send me the Set-list as requested. The Highlight of the night was the Encore – Time There Was. This still remains my favourite Comedy of Errors song. I have the Vinyl version of the Mini Album (Side 1, Track 2) but have long since abandoned the means of playing it. Somewhere in Hector’s House is a CD version of this and the Cassette which followed, released in the days when Joe was absent. I have only heard Time There Was performed Live once, and I have seen Comedy of Errors many, many times since I first encountered them by chance in a Basement Bar in Bath St, Glasgow – Shadows. They then disappeared for some years before re-emerging not wanting to be a Progressive Rock Band any-more. Fortunately somebody saw The Light recently, meanwhile twenty years had passed.

As I was in no hurry to go anywhere I stayed behind and chatted briefly to Hew Montgomery who has been involved with the Band on a temporary basis in modern times.  I was first introduced to Hew of Abel Ganz in Rotherham at The Classic Rock Society by Martin Hudson some seventeen years ago. Next was Jim Johnston, Keyboard Player and Composer of the material. Jim is well through writing the next Album, maybe Time There Was deserves an Upgrade?

Mark Spalding, formerly Bass but Guitar for many years remembered the second time I saw the Band at a Pub in Paisley. Only three of us turned up. Finally, my first ever conversation with Joe whom I know is soon off to Malta for Ian and Carol’s Wedding. Thomas Bodin of The Flower Kings is also due to perform. Why do I have House-guests next weekend?

My next scheduled Comedy of Errors Gig is also in Glasgow on November 30th when they support Pallas who Produced The Mini Album back in 1986..

Time for Curry-Heute

It was after 22.00 when I entered Spice of the City (48-52 Oswald St, Glasgow, G1 4PL) a City Centre Curry House I have been passing for possibly years. In the Café-style it has been on my Radar but with The Village and The New Karahi Palace just across the River Clyde, I have been eating elsewhere.

The place was empty. I tried to take a table for four at the window but was shown to a smaller table in the far corner. The Menu wasn’t vast but there was more than enough Choice for Hector. Karelay Gosht and an Aloo Paratha was the order. However the Waiter was back moments later to inform me that – There’s no Karelay left.

Bhindi Gosht then.

The Décor is somewhat Spartan, Functional, an adjective I could also employ to describe the Service. I heard scraping noises from the kitchen. No Takeaway Orders were requested during my wait and so I concluded this was on my behalf. The wait was considerable, my levels of expectation rose. This was not just being chucked together.

After some considerable time the Waiter emerged with The Food. The Aloo Paratha was a good size but very Thin. The Potato had become Lost in Translation.

The Curry was Dry! It looked Amazing. The Blend of Onion and Tomato in the Masala was akin to Stir-Fry rather than a Boiled Sauce. The Lamb could have been greater in Volume but was Tender, very well cooked. The Okra had been cut Small but was Perfection, still a bit Crisp, how I dream of being able to serve it. Some Oil had gathered on the base of the Karahi but added to the Overall Flavour when the Paratha was Dipped. As is the Hector Norm, More Seasoning might have given this Curry – The Wow Factor. The Experience was reminiscent of the Curry served in the aforementioned New Karahi Palace. I must be overdue a return there.

The Bill

£9.00. A Good Price for a Well Above Average Curry.

The Aftermath

I placed the Calling Card on the counter – You can look at that if it interests you. The Waiter had made no attempt at conversation, I did not feel motivated to start one now.

Update August 2015

Hector never returned, perhaps the indifference of the staff stood out more than the food.

The premises are currently being converted into the much flashier – Chennai.

September should bring a review.

Glasgow Chennai Curry-Heute (1)

Glasgow Chennai Curry-Heute (2)

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