Hope St. Today, Helensburgh – Coming Soon?

On Thursday Evening, Alan emailed to advise of a new Helensburgh Curry House, a much needed addition. Masala Twist of Byres Rd. and East Kilbride, then of Hope St. appear to be expanding their Curry Empire. Do the Town Planners know? Anyway, there are posters next door to The Sir Howard Young advertising – Masala Twist, Coming soon. Now there is an expression guaranteed to raise Hector’s Hackles in recent times. But such Frustrations belong in The Other BlogBier-Traveller.

The delight of the monthly trip to Musselburgh for Wonderful Ales at The Staggs is our early return to The Metropolis– Glasgow.

Following Steve’s enjoyable Curry last Saturday at Shahed’s I dropped in.  Mein Host was not present and The Chap on duty declined to serve my order on a plate. I declined to order. Nearby Bombay Blues is overdue a return visit by some twenty years, but with the Buffet to the fore I walked on.   Standards.

Masala Twist (261 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 3PS), felt topical. On my first and only visit (so far) to the Byres Rd branch, Raman gave me the 20% Discount Card. Would the discount be valid in the Hope St branch?

A first floor restaurant may not be ideal, however one assumes the rent should be lower. Just as well, only two other diners were present around 20.30 when I entered.

I was offered a larger table but chose the smaller, it was just me, a table for two would suffice. Two Staff were on duty and both would look after Hector very well indeed. The Menu had to be studied, the possibility of something new was considered after my visit to the Byres Rd. branch. The style is very much Tapas, so two choices felt justified. In the end the Tried and Tested felt appropriate.


I asked about The Lamb Chops. £4.95 for three sounded OK. The Roti at £1.65 was dismissed in favour of a Tandoori Vegetable Paratha at £3.50. There is logic in this. A second Paratha is never required, a second Roti might be. The Karahi, again at £4.95, contained the Dreaded Green Mushy Vegetable. I decided to try the Austrian Tactic. Could you ask Chef to substitute the Capsicum with the Vegetable of his choice please? This appeared to be possible.

The Trusty Samsung kept me amused whilst I waited. Lots of note taking and the occasional surreptitious photo.

The Chops arrived, three standing like Rifles on the Parade Ground. They were Absolutely Wonderful! As good as any Lamb Chop that has been served to Hector. The Modest Salad Accompaniment gave a Crunch to alternate with the Blast on the Taste-buds. A Green Dip which looked like Mint but did not Taste of Mint was also integral to the Dish. I asked, and was told it was a Mix of Mango and Mint, Different. So far, Excellent … but Hector’s Old Adage – Beware of Curry Houses with Outstanding Starters, The Mains rarely Live Up...

The Karahi and the Paratha looked Stunning. The Karahi had Minimal Masala. Mushrooms and Peas had been added as The Substitute Vegetable. Five good sized pieces of Lamb were in this Tapas Portion. Not bad at all, I have been served Mains this size. The Lamb was not particularly Spiced, the only disappointment. The Overall Flavour took me South of the River again towards the New Karahi Palace. Maybe I am missing this wonderful venue? With the Texture and Flavours almost Spot-on this could not be faulted. Well, maybe a wee bit more Methi and Seasoning.

The Paratha was out of this World!

Normally I struggle to finish a Whole Paratha, however, with the Smaller Curry Portion I found myself distracted. With Peas and the Paste I have spotted a few venues using, this was truly Excellent. Piping Hot, with a Moist Surface it looked inviting, especially compared to last evening’s disappointing Breads. Light and Fluffy, every Mouthful was a Shear Delight. Have I captured the moment?

The Karahi was Very Good, The Chops and the Paratha certainly had – The Wow Factor.

Let us hope the Good People of Helensburgh do not have to wait too long for the opening of the James St. branch.

The Bill

£12.57. This was after a Discount of £2.68. I was assured that the Discount Card is valid in all of the branches. Very Handy!

The Aftermath

I had a very pleasant chat with The Waiter. He was setting up the Buffet Table for tomorrow’s Lunch. I spotted a Lamb Desi label. He confirmed that the Buffet Dishes tend to be Safe, not too Spicy. Why Hector rarely tries The Buffet. He asked if I had ever been to The Killermont Polo Club. Not in a decade or so, but ironically I nearly went there last Tuesday but stayed local instead.

He does not know when the Helensburgh branch will open. Maybe The Town Planning Department may be able to shed some light on this?


Masala Twist have moved their premises further up Hope St to number 261.

The Helensburgh branch did open, Hector was even recognised on his first visit.

The Killermont Polo Club has been visited.



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  1. Howard Young says:

    They appear to be going into an existing Class 3 use. As such planning permission for change of use will not be required. However, if they propose a big flue, external alterations to the frontage and/or new signage then certain consents will be required.

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