#2 Visit to The Wee Curry Shop – Buccleuch St.

This afternoon was spent at The Drovers Rest, Monk Hill (outside Carlisle). A Day Trip to Englandshire. Hector, The Lone Diner, arrived at The Wee Curry Shop (7 Buccleuch St, Glasgow G3 6SJ) with quite an appetite. The last visit here was in the first days of Curry-Heute back in May 2010. Hector was then completing a tour of all the Peripheral – Mother India – Curry Cafés and reached a conclusion which was confirmed by the Core Management. There is a Central Kitchen. Not that I have a major problem with this, however, one always hopes The Chef in an individual Restaurant gets to establish The Basics.

I counted 23 seats. 17 were occupied. Only the largest table, for 5, was vacant. This would be interesting. Turn Hector away or give me the most Spacious Table in the Room?

I was asked to wait whilst they considered. After a few moments I was given the Large Table but advised that I may have to share with three more, possibly. As I sat down two Chaps departed freeing up a table for two, I expected to be asked to move but wasn’t. So far, impressed.

The Menu was a single sheet, eleven Main Courses on offer. Only two were Lamb. Lamb Karahi or Lamb with Ginger and Mushrooms. The Karahi was described as having – a rich pepper sauce. No mention of Capsicum as such. I would enquire. A Spinach Paratha was listed, however, although not on The Menu I was sure The Chef could surely knock up an Aloo Paratha. I would enquire.

Two Waiters were on duty, I would engage both as the evening progressed. The Tall One took the order. He went to check that I could have the Karahi without Capsicum, sadly I was then told that – it was already in. I never found out therefore if this meant Lumps of the Dreaded Green Mushy Vegetable, or was it Puréed in The Sauce? Surely not the former?  I had the Karahi on my last visit, Capsicum was not an issue and the Dish impressed.  I now had to ask if there was Capsicum in the alternative – Lamb with Ginger and Mushrooms. He went to check and confirmed – none. I ensured the Dish would be served with Minimal Masala. There was another check by The Waiter to establish that an Aloo Paratha was possible. It was.

Soft Drinks

On the Menu Soft Drinks are charged at £2.50. When I saw the glass of Sparkling Water that was served up I had to wonder. Would they charge the same for this, i.e. more than they were charging for a half pint of Lager? Given the minimalism on the Menu, I would have to wait for The Bill.

I watched and waited. Those in the main body of the room were sitting on top of each other. Not a place – To Dine, but – To Eat.

The Other Waiter brought the Aloo Paratha. This was not the Biggest Paratha ever set before The Hector. It looked Peely Wally, so Thin I could not verify the presence of Potato within. There was a temptation to Nibble, however, The Waiter returned to inform me they had no Mushrooms. Any Vegetable but Capsicum please. The Paratha now looked very lonely. Was I to sit and watch it wither? Fortunately The Waiter came and took it away.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

At this point I wish I had taken careful note of which Waiter took which order, and who was the Bearer of Bad News. Never have I struggled so much to order a Curry.

Carrots and Peas

Eight pieces of Lamb in Minimal Masala served on a Bed of Diced Carrots and Peas. Different! There was a Sweetness from the Carrots, the only other distinctive Flavour was the Ginger. The Dish had been served Suitably Dry. The Kick was Decent. The Lamb varied from Fleshy and Definitely Lamb, to the Tougher and…

Now Carrots and Peas with Ginger was available as a stand alone Curry, they didn’t, did they?

The Portion Size was More than Adequate.

I had to Eke Out the Paratha. It too was Minimal. The Potato was present, however, there was no doubt it would be finished before The Curry.

As I have concluded many times, this was Curry. Nothing outstanding, but a Pleasure to eat all the same.

The Bill

£13.40. And so a Modest Fee had been charged for the Modest Glass of Sparkling Water. No Problem.

The Aftermath

I offered the Calling Card to the Other Waiter who was stood at the till and a Laptop.

I’ll have a look.

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  2. John S says:

    Our latest curry night was at WCS B St and were happy to return after favourable previous experiences. We won’t be back in a hurry. Service was appalling, an email request was never acknowledged and food was just bog standard & almost Asda quality. This was unanimous verdict of all six of the group.

    Hector replies:

    Over the years I have found the Byres Rd branch to be the most fulfilling, apart from Mother India’s Cafe, of course! Is the Central Kitchen to blame?

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