Bradford – Kashmir – Bradford Curry Weekend – Curry #3

The last time Hector visited the Kashmir Restaurant (27 Morley St, Bradford, BD7 1AG) the myth that – it is always open – was busted. 11.00 is as early as they welcome Customers. Clive and Hector entered this morning at 11.15. The Staff were dining together, I felt a bit embarrassed. I knew somebody would have to interrupt their Lunch. The Menu was issued by Mein Host who quickly, and rightly returned to his Food.

Twelve Hours since my last Curry, time enough, this was Breakfast. Guess what is planned for Dinner? Hector had Fish Karahi on his mind, with Boiled Rice for a change. Clive understood the reasoning behind this choice. Easy to Digest, the Fish would be relatively Light and require Minimal Mastication. The Rice would act as good Ballast for the planned visit to the Keighley Beer Festival later today.

Four Poppadoms, Mint Raita and a Simple Salad were presented as Matter of Fact. No question of these being on The Bill. The Rice of course would also be Inclusive. Mango Rubicon and a Glass of Fresh Orange were our reminders that this was Breakfast.

Study the Photos of this Fish Karahi well. Minimal Masala but Moist enough to make the Rice Accompaniment work. It was as if The Chef clearly understood that the Marriage of the two Elements would create the required Synergy. Tomato and Two Tiny Slivers of Capsicum accompanied the Fish. Fish Curry always works, the Taste of Fish inevitably Dominates. The Heat apparently came from Black Pepper, a very Simple but Effective Creation.  And way too much Rice.

The Breakfast of Champions.

The Bill

£15.20. A Typical Bradford Price for Two.

The Aftermath

Our Appreciation was expressed. Until next time.

And now for a Train to Keighley.

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