An Anniversary Curry at The Village

October 5, 1973, the day Hector started University. Forty years later, the The Five were reunited for the first time in over twenty years. An afternoon at The Staggs (Musselburgh) reached its Natural Conclusion. Sam and Hector found themselves back in Glasgow, Curry was required. With no immediate train to Charing Cross, we jumped in a Taxi at Queen St. The Punjabi Charing Cross was the intended destination until, on a whim, I redirected the driver to The Village (119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow G5 8BA). Currently resident in Hong Kong, Sam does not have a huge range of places to have Curry, one in fact. Instinct made me choose The Village. Serendipity once more.

Entering through the original door on Nelson St., I was directed towards the seating area by, that’s not Kassif, yet it is… Mehran, a younger brother.

A Waitress came over with the Menu Card and asked if we wished Poppadoms. I asked if Kassif was authorising these, he was over immediately to confirm these were Complementary. BHHIP.

Daddy then came across, Mr. Baig himself. I introduced Sam who was by now taken by the sound of the Village Lamb Desi Kourma. Mr. Baig took the Order himself. I opted for the Lahori Karahi as Dry as, and with Extra Methi. Four Chapattis would accompany.

The Poppadoms came with a good portion of Spiced Onion. Sam was instantly taken by the Viscosity of the Red Sauce. He was even more impressed by the Taste. Good start then.

What had looked like quite Empty Premises on entry turned out to be busy on the West St, end. A Party was well under-way. Weans were heard, lots of them. Was it a Kiddies Curry Party? Fortunately, given the size of the revamped Village, there was Space.

The Village Lamb Desi Korma is the only Soup-like Curry served anywhere which Hector would recommend. It was hard to tell the Meat Quantity within the Masala, but given the time spent eating it must have been more than adequate. I did like the addition of Sliced Almonds sprinkled across the top. Sam loved the Curry. One might even say he was Gob-smacked. Welcome to The Village.

The Lahori Karahi was well up to the Anticipated Standard. The Quantity of the Tender Lamb above average and a far cry from the Minimalist Portions of a couple of years back. One problem hopefully laid to rest. The Masala was Thick as requested, the Flavours spot on.

A Bowl of Raita accompanied the Curry.  I wasn’t quite sure about the timing.

We have a Curry Saturday planned for two weeks today. I suspect I may have this by the Half-Kilo. There can be no Higher Recommendation.

Marg arrived. Our lift home, great timing. I went up to see Irram on the till.

The Bill

£23.60. This included the Large Bottle of Sparkling Water, shared.

The Aftermath

I had a chat with Kassif and his sister, Irram. A Booking was made for October 19, on a piece of paper. So much for their Electronics. So, who’s all coming?

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  1. Neil says:

    I should be there on the 19th.

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