Erlangen – The Well-Seasoned – Curry House

Needs Must

There has been a Dearth of Kebabs on this Trip so far, at least Curry-Heute is guaranteed. It’s a twenty minute train ride from Bamberg to Erlangen, a town which boasts some half dozen sources of Curry. Hector appears to be Championing the Curry House (Helmstrasse 11, 91054, Erlangen, Bayern) currently, my second visit this year.

Arriving at 13.00 the place was proving to be as popular as ever. I have never seen this Venue empty. Mein Host recognised me on entry and was once again happy to describe the dishes on offer. When Mutton Palak was mentioned it struck a chord. Clive was up for this too. Maggie and Marg both decided it was too early for Curry-Heute and ordered Chicken Samosas. An Onion Bhaji, Salad and Keema Naan were also added to Clive’s order. Hector added a Side Portion of Aloo. This with the Accompanying Basmati Rice would be quite sufficient.

Maggie and Clive witnessed the creation of the Samosas and the Naan, from scratch. No simple reheating. The Chaps grabbed the Bag of Flour and made the Samosa Pastry and the Naan on the spot. Meanwhile Marg and Hector were savouring the Rubicon Mango without Fizz.

About ten minutes later we were called up to The Counter and ferried the Food to the table. The Masala for the Palak was on the runny side as it tends to be served in Deutschland. The Flavour of the Spinach was there but was not Overwhelming. The Curry was Well-Seasoned as it always is at this Venue. Again the Balance was about right.

The Mutton was in Huge Pieces, a Mass of Meat and Very Tender. The Potato Curry added the Required Diversity. No Hector is not describing the Curry at this Venue to be Outstanding but it is certainly Competently Created and served with some Self-belief. The Curry Craving was Sated.

Marg and Maggie gave a running commentary on their Samosas. Interesting, Fresh Pastry, Home-made. They liked the Contrast that the Two Dips created also. Marg also Dipped the Masala that came with the Potato Curry. Success. The Salad arrived a good bit later and was Spiced. Turmeric in a Salad? This took Maggie by Surprise.

This was Clive’s second visit to the Erlangen Curry House. Excellent, very good indeed – was his overall feeling. Once again he celebrated the Creation of the Naan before his every eyes. This was a Quality Naan apparently. I must try one someday.

Mein Host came over and asked – Is it too Salty?

Now I know you have read my Blog – was the reply. Well-Seasoned.

The Bill

€21.70, Paid in Advance. This was for Marg and Hector’s share. Clive paid a comparable amount for himself and Maggie.

The Aftermath

We had to go to Kitzmann before heading back to Löwenbräu Buttenheim. It was written.

The Curry Capital 2013

News reached us later in the day courtesy of John, The Bradford Curry Blogger.  Bradford have won the Curry Capital Prize for the third year in succession with Glasgow in Second Place. The Curryspondents will know that Hector would always place the two Curry Sources in that Order.

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