One München Curry Haus – One Indian Mango – One Fisch Chettinad

The Indian Mango (Zweibrückenstrasse 15, 80331, München) has become the Highlight of any Trip to München. Arriving mid-afternoon the other München Ritual had to be got under-way. Maggie and Marg had wandered off for Coffee and Cake, it’s a Female Thing. When they returned to Augustiner Clive and Hector were almost finishing off the Edelstoff. Marg headed on down to Isartor on foot, we jumped the single stop on the S Bahn some minutes later. It was strange to walk into Indian Mango and see Marg waiting.

Herr Batra was out immediately to greet Hector. My second visit this year and it will not be my last. Fisch Chettinad is not on The Menu, Lamb Chettinad is. The Fisch version is always made to order, Clive was up for this Wondrous Treat too. What’s an Aloo Paratha? – Clive asked when I added this to the List. Why not? Maggie had just eaten Cake, Marg too but decided Fisch Pakora was required. The Aroma from our Curry spread around the Restaurant, it is Seriously Potent and grabs the back of the throat. The Saliva Glands were sensing Something Special was on its way.

Fisch Chettinad, Scharf

Two Bowls of Fisch Chettinad, two Bowls of Basmati Rice and the Fisch Pakora were set before us. A Single Aloo Paratha arrived thereafter.

There was a Serious Kick, the Dark Red Chillies were doing their job. The Gritty Texture was less apparent this evening but Curry Leaves were still visible in the Thick Mush at the base of the Bowl. Fish adds its own distinctive Flavour to any Curry, with the Thickest of Masala sitting beneath the Chunks of Fish this was a Taste Explosion. Some of the Fish had Breadcrumbs on it, this gave the Overall Texture a new slant.

Is it OK? – asked Mein Host. OK is not The Standard. – I replied. This was the Joy of Curry Eating at its Peak.

Clive was blown away. Excellent – he kept uttering. Well, I told him so. The second Paratha had to be re-ordered, it came at exactly the right moment. Maggie and Marg had helped themselves to a Quarter each. Eight Quarters would have been two too many. Six was ideal. Why can’t one order Half? I asked my Co-diners. There was more Basmati Rice on the table than Two Chaps could eat.

The Fisch Pakora

This did not last long. It too had Breadcrumbs. Marg considered this to be an Improvement on excessive Batter. The Pakora actually looked like Pakora. Those who have ordered Pakora here in the past have been puzzled by the Flat Array of Bits that come.

The Bill

€48.15. This included three Soft Drinks.

The Aftermath

Herr Battra offered us Mango Schnapps. Too early, and with the Forschungs Bräuerei our next port of call, not a sensible idea. A Mango Dessert was offered and three portions accepted. This was not for Hector, let the Tastes from the Fisch Chettinad linger on the Palate as long as possible.

I’ll be back…  Soon!

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