Der unwiderstehliche Indian Mango


The only unknown about today’s visit to the Indian Mango (Zweibrückenstrasse 15, 80331, München) was which Chettinad, Fisch or Lamm. In the small hours the resolve was to have the same as yesterday, minus the Aloo Paratha. A Curry just after noon is early even for The Hector.

As Marg would be accompanying me as Spectator for my Ritual I had already carried out the Reciprocal Deal with Breakfast for Marg at the Glockenspiel Café overlooking Marienplatz. Croissants and Fruit Salad might be an option if we had more time, however, today was the final part of our October Week Holiday. There was time for one meal each.

Herr Battra had been informed last evening that I would be back. Clive was a Possible Attendee but was running late. No comment.

I believe you serve an Excellent Fisch Chettinad here? – was my opening line. Scharf – was confirmed, here we go. A Sparkling Water and a Glass of Mango Lassi for Marg made up the entire order. And so we waited whilst the Chef created Outstanding Curry. The Free Wi-fi certainly helped pass the time. Those back home were Alloa-bound today. Some of us had to be in München.

How often have I written that I was the Lone-Diner? That has never been the case at the Indian mango. The Lunchtime Menu appeared to be attracting some Young Diners, presumably Students. I have always ordered a la carte, and discovered the Chettinad back when there was a Specials Board. The Specials Board is no more.

The wait was the Square Root of One Robin, not long at all. Mein Host brought the Bowl of Chettinad and one of Basmati Rice, – Gosh! The Fish was piled even higher than it was yesterday. A quick peak below revealed a Mass of Fish with the Thick Masala wrapped around it. How am I going to finish this? The secret was to only decant half of the Rice.

The Venues which I hold in the Highest Regard have all passed the same Test. You have served me an Outstanding Curry, do it again! If anything, this was even better than yesterday. What could be better than a Portion of Fisch Chettinad? A larger Portion!

The Bill

€18.20. €12.90 of this was for the Curry. Few places serve Fish Curry at this price back home.

The Aftermath

Once again I had to decline the offer of Schnapps. Tea was also suggested but Hector does not generally drink Tea outside of Scotland, though the Water in München is of Comparable Quality.

Farewells were exchanged. Marg and Hector plan to be back in Four Weeks. I also plan to visit another Venue which Other Reviewers have suggested. The first Curry will be Fisch Chettinad at the Indian Mango.

We passed three other Curry Houses today, the Garam Masla I have been to in the years before Curry-Heute. Nothing great. I also spotted an Afghanistan Restaurant, Lemar across the road from Goa. They too have Curry Dishes on offer, can they rival Glasgow’s Khyber? Next year?

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