Eleven Dine at The Village

It is eight months since The Friends of Hector assembled in such numbers. Today’s Curry had to be placed in our Diaries at the end of the summer such is the level of activity amongst The Group members. This was Euan’s first visit to The Village (119 West St., Tradeston, Glasgow G5 8BA). The Commemorative T-shirt was issued to bid him Bon Voyage as he heads North to the Bier Desert in The Land of Thermals. Hector and Euan will hopefully meet up again in said Northern City at the end of the year. I shall be on Holiday again by then.

The Indian Mango in München yesterday, The Village ‘Curry House’ in Glasgow today. With Eleven Diners there would be a range of Curry Dishes ordered and an Array of Different Opinions. One thing to note – No Chicken was harmed in the preparation for this Blog Entry. Read on…

Marg and Hector arrived early and ensured The Table was set up how we wanted it. We were too many to sit in The Round, a pity. Next time The Core Eight. We were tucking into the Complimentary Poppadoms and Dips when Jonathan arrived then Steve. The Remaining Seven arrived together, where had they been?

More Poppadoms et al were provided and The Menu was studied closely. Hector already knew this was the time to have the dependably Wonderful Lamb Lahori Karahi – Desi-style, Dry and on-the-bone. Yvonne, Steve and Howard would have the Standard version of the Lamb Lahori Karahi, but Boneless. Euan and Marg went for the Famous – Village Lamb Desi Kourma – the Dish that was a Hector Magnet for years. Jonathan and Tracey chose Keema Mutter, Jonathan’s Spicy, and Tracey’s with Paneer. Mags asked for Aloo Gosht, it would come on-the-bone. Neil had Fish in mind, the Machli Taree. This left Mr. Vindaloo himself to order Tandoori Lamb Tikka with a Mild Sauce.

Two Keema Naan, not Hector’s time yet, a Cheese and Garlic Naan, a Number of Chapattis, Boiled Rice, Mushroom Rice, Special Rice and Egg Fried Rice were the Accompaniments. Now for the wait.

The Two Chaps who most certainly have included Starters were not with us today. Had they done so we would have been in for a very long wait. We knew that half an hour would be Standard. We were taunted by the issuing of pleasantly warmed plates which were followed by two plates of Complementary Salad and Raita which I did not spot until the very end. When did that arrive? Our group exceeded the total of all other Diners so the Kitchen had not been swamped.  I had also booked, so they knew we were coming.

Our Waiter did well to ensure everyone was topped up with the various Soft Drinks on offer. I should have gone for a Large Bottle of the Sparkling Water given the Long Haul. There were no Grumbles, the Food arrived within One Robin. I knew what everyone was having as the notes had been made. However at the time of recording I was asked if I was placing The Order. No chance. We were one Chapatti short when all had been presented, more than acceptable.

Ten of Eleven have been to The Village through its Various Incarnations in the last three years. Marg found the Classic Village Desi Kourma to be Creamier than she she expected. She has eaten this Dish many times. (Does somebody want to count up how many times in the last 40 months). Both Marg and Euan found the Dish to be Spicier than they anticipated. Well, it isn’t a standard Korma, despite the Nomenclature. Euan enjoyed the Recommended Special Rice and managed to give some to Marg. This was just as well. This dish needs Rice, it is far too Soup-like these days to be eaten with Bread alone.

Steve and Yvonne found too little Masala in their Lahori Karahi. I found more in my Half-Kilo than I needed. The Photographs do not reveal particularly Dry Curry. Steve and Yvonne both found their Lamb to be Chewy. Mags and Hector were the only two to have  on-the-bone.

We found our Lamb was Tender, but Mags realised the boneless bits were more Chewy. Howard had a different slant. He found the Flavour of the Lamb dominated the Masala not the other way. Of the four who ordered the Lamb Lahori Karahi, Hector was the only one who had no problem. The remaining three know they have had better. Yvonne went onto say she preferred The Village when it was temporary relocated across the road.

Craig was certainly positive. His Tandoori Lamb Tikka, not a Curry in Hector’s Book, was better than his last experience here. Very pleasant. I cannot write this for everyone.

I awaited Neil’s Machli Taree with interest. I have not eaten a Village Fish Curry for a long time. The Portion looked Sufficient to me and the Masala not too distant from that accompanying the Desi Kourma. Very Pleasant, Tomatoey and Spicy –  was his verdict.

The two Mince Curry Dishes were a Success. Hector last had a Village Keema at the Ramadan Buffet, it was superb back then. Spicy, Comfort Food – was how Tracey described her Keema Mutter Paneer. The Paneer added an Extra Dimension which was … Thumbs Up!     Jonathan summed his Keema Mutter and the day up well – A Fairly typical Village Experience, you always get Something Good, but never know exactly what you are going to get.

It was this sentiment which made Hector write to Mr. Baig, the Owner, some years ago. There was a time when the same Dish was never the same on consecutive visits. Hopefully, these days are not returning.

The Bill

£146.10. Everyone paid for what they ate, not a problem. When the Bill came we had it well covered.

Mr. Baig shook my hand as we departed. He knows it is a long time since we have been there in such large numbers.  He knows that I report every visit how it is, and also that I shall be back.  The number of visits speaks for itself.

The Aftermath

Whilst taking the reports from my Fellow Diners at our chosen nearby Watering Hole which just happens to be Glasgow’s Pub of The Year 2013 – The Laurieston –  Craig uttered – Tablecloths.

Howard retorted with – Tablecloths, The Scourge of The Curry House.

Here’s a New Theory to be put to the test – The closer one sits to the Village Kitchen where there are No Tablecloths , the better the Curry?  

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  1. archie says:

    Yes Hector, I have been in training for the last couple of months, I think I am now ready, just let me know when and I will be there!

  2. archie says:

    Hector, long time no speak!

    I agree, the best curry is near the kitchen, I see they are advertising Christmas Day Dinner at £25 a head, I wonder how much Yadgar are charging?



    Hector replies:

    £15.00 per skull I would guesstimate.

    On the subject of Yadgar. I am overdue a visit – To be Fed.
    Thinking of a midweek evening towards the end of next month, interested?

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