Yadgar – Aloo Goshat Karahi Karela…what else?

How can it possibly be over Three Months since the last visit to The Yadgar Kebab House (148 Calder St., Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 7QP) and the Excellent Fish Karahi? Who mentioned Fish?

Hector was the once again a Friday Tea-time Solo Diner. Shkoor Mein Host, had been texted earlier this week – May I order something wonderful in Lamb?

The Tenement was covered in Scaffolding, even more than on the last visit. At least Yadgar was still Open, the enforced Temporary Closure has yet to happen. Maybe it will not happen.

I had to ask Naveed as I entered what I was being given – Goshat Karahi with Karela – was the response. I haven’t had Karela in a while, the Intensity of the Flavour would be appreciated. Starters were eschewed, however, a Fresh, Crispy Salad and Dips made a quick appearance. This was enough to get the Palate into gear. A Green Chilli sneaked in, followed by another two. Sneaky and Spicy.

The Joy of the pre-ordered Curry was manifested. Naveed brought a Karahi before the Salad had disappeared, not the Single Portion one but the Larger One. A full Half-Kilo, but on-the-bone, so potentially within the Capabilities. However there was a Potato Presence. An entire Field of Potatoes had been cleared in the preparation of this Curry. More than the Half-Kilo.

The requested Accompaniment, placed as I entered was Vegetable Rice. Yadgar do a Splendid Vegetable Rice. At first I thought the entire Rice Crop of South East Asia had been sacrificed in the assembly of this Dish. I then realised there was another Potato Presence. There was Cauliflower and the odd Dozen or so Pea. The Potatoes, I waded into these first. Having eaten more Potato tonight than I ever have even allowing for Bratkartofelln in Deutschland, I knew very soon that this would defeat me. All the Vegetables, the Rice included were on top form. But then there was the Curry. The Karela was Stunning. It had been Salted and Sweated before Cooking, Hector can tell. This was well prepared Karela. There was no chance this Curry would be Under-seasoned.

Most of the Lamb was on-the-bone thankfully, otherwise I could have been embarrassed or forced to ask for the biggest Doggy Bag of all time.

What makes the Yadgar Goshat Karahi, Hector-style, stand out, is the lack of Masala. However, what there is shrouds the Tender Lamb. Every mouthful has the Signature Yadgar Taste.

One week ago to the exact minute, Hector was at the Indian Mango in München celebrating the Joy of the Fisch Chettinad. Perhaps this is the Joy of Curry. Similar ingredients can create such a Diversity of Outcomes. Every Day is a Good Day to Eat Curry.

Shkoor entered the premises halfway through The Feast. He explained the presence of Potatoes in the Karahi – The Potatoes take the Bitterness from the Karela. These had been added on the assumption that I would have Chapattis this evening, not Vegetable Rice. There was a Realisation, an Acceptance, that Hector was closing in on Defeat. Once the last piece of Lamb was dealt with, the Flag was waved.

The Bill

£12.00. Shkoor knows, and Hector knows, that anywhere else, this would have cost double. BHHIP.

The Aftermath

It is the start of The Weekend. There may be more Curry, but what can follow this?


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