Kaiserhoff Gas Hob Tandoor #2 – Tandoori Machi Masala

Marg loves Hector’s Fish Curry served in a Creamy Masala.  So do Friends and Colleagues who have tried it. The Recipe works!

Fish will cook in the prepared Masala in ten minutes, exactly the same amount of time I consider it would take with the new Gas Hob Tandoor. For the purposes of research this had to be tried. Maybe more Tandoori Lamb Chops this time next week.

The Frozen Masala Fish purchased last week was defrosted during the day. I found some Trout in the Freezer and decided to try it too.

The Masala was prepared as per Published Recipe but with one significant addition – Tamarind.

The Tamarind Pot said Paste, however it is too Gloopy to be a Paste, but too Runny to be a Resin. The Resin looks more like Pressed Dates, the so called Paste has given better results in the past.

Ten minutes on the Tandoor became fifteen when Marg said she didn’t want the Fish to be too Jelly-like. After fifteen it was decidedly not. It could have been ready after ten.

The Masala was Stunning, well I thought so. The Tamarind had done the trick and had added the Tang that currently appeals to The Hector Palate. Marg remarked immediately upon the Texture of the Masala, definitely to her liking but after some time she did find it Too Spiced. Marg took one piece of the Masala Fish and two of the Trout. A Bit Dry – was her verdict. However, Marg appreciated the Masala overcame this. She ate the lot.

I found the Masala Fish to be fine but indeed the Trout was a bit Rubbery, overcooked I would assume.

Next time I shall stick to the Tried and Tested.  Add the Fish to the Masala Ten Minutes before serving.

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