Kaiserhof Gas Tandoor – The Jury is still out

… but one thing is certain

Hector will not be buying Mrs Unis Chapaties again.  Despite being defrosted, they were Crisp before Cooking and Crisp after.

The Masala was that left from the last Kaiserhof Experience which featured an extra dose of Tamarind.  Tamarind, Yoghurt and Tandoori Paste (from a jar) formed the Marinade for the Lamb Chops which a Local Supermarket insisted come to Hector’s House for minimal payment.  I would cook eight, they were Substantial, five should be an Elegant Sufficiency, they were Chunky.

How long it would take to Cook the Chunky Lamb Chops could only be judged based on Empirical Evidence.  At least twenty minutes was the objective.

Next Mistake

With hindsight, I should have scraped the Marinade off the Chops.  The Chops cooked, however, the Marinade simply Burned leaving a Black Coating on the underside of each Chop.  The Tops were fine.

Texture-wise there was a hint of Crisping, Peripherally.  Given the Steamy Environment the Kaiserhof creates within, the Chops had not taken on the Texture anticipated via a Tandoor.  The Kitchen Window had to be opened wide. The Lady will return later and know Hector has been Experimenting again.

The Chops were Cooked and I stand by the Tamarind-laden Masala.  The Eating was fine, but one still has Higher Hopes.

Note to Hector

Next time, twenty five minutes and scrape the Chops.

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